Developers can find a handful of PHP platforms for initiating a web development. Comparing the functionality such as easiness of creation, speed, and durability, developers choose a PHP platform. In recent times, Laravel Homestead has developed into such a framework to cater the web developers with all the convenience they look for. Reliability it gained in a small period of time is really impressive. The compatibility as well as productivity,  Laravel developers achieve is worth considering.Here, let us check some reasons that compel PHP developers to move to Laravel Homestead.

It seldom fails to load

Homestead as a framework boots very quickly and never shows any booting issues. Rarely,it come up with any booting errors, if so; we can get it settled in minutes. The Vagrant modules offer simple file set ups that are easy to work in all operating systems including Ubuntu.  In addition to this, setting a function can be done in lightening speed with Laravel Homestead.

Free Open Source

Similar to many PHP platforms, Homestead follows an open source platform concept which is free to create complex applications. The flow of codes is simple, hence maintaining of codes never creates an issue for Laravel developers. Developing of massive applications will be comfortable in open source frameworks.

Availability of ports by default

Managing of databases can be done in a little time with Laravel, for it opens all the popular ports by default. Transferring of data to the host’s server can be done in lightening speed. Databases such as MYSQL and Postgres work like a breeze with this web framework.

Weightless templates

Dynamic websites often need lightweight codes and contents. The JS codes, widgets, and CSS included in the structure of Laravel are so powerful. This decreases the task of web developers in developing fantastic layouts having dynamic contents. Thus, Homestead happens to be a platform to develop all types of websites from simple to complex.

Amazing modules & a Great configuration

The development platform itself is multiple. The freedom of working with a multi-supported platform is that it can easily adapt to an environment according to the needs of the running applications. This exciting framework is developed with separate modules taking fresh ideas from over 20 different libraries. Integration of multiple libraries makes Laravel a modular, user-convenient, reliable, and responsive framework. The auto complete feature integrated into this platform is a case in point. In all words, it is one step ahead of all other PHP platforms.

Modified built-in functions

Laravel is a recent PHP framework developed by following an MVC pattern. It has a huge list of built-in functions that can improve the working of applications. The code is clean, transparent, and rational. It provides a lot more space for modifications as well.


Technology geeks all over the world are slowly realizing the capability of this platform. At the initial time of introduction, many developers doubted the platforms’ ability to handle complex programs. Now it stands as one of the influential web frameworks which can be used to create responsive, complex, and dynamic websites.