We at Agriya always have a tendency to release prompt updates for our products. Its embedded in our blueprint to make our products perform even better by updating with time-tested technologies in order to keep up with the competition and the market trends.

This time we focused our efforts on improving Taxipickr - Uber clone script, one of our Premium Products.

Significance of this update

The most fundamental reason we formulated this update was to make sure this application is compatible across multiple platforms. For this purpose, we have launched two versions, one for ios and another for Android platforms. To make it function in the ios systems we integrated Objective ‘C’ language. For Android devices we used Java. Both the versions are available for download in i-store and play store.

Aside from that, we have made several technical changes to the script. The frameworks have been completely re-aligned. The front end is framed using a rigid Angular JS framework and the back end is forged using a dynamic slim and PHP framework. This allows for better stability and will ensure that the script is able to support the cryptographical changes which have been added to this script.

The frameworks are highly responsive and can operate under rugged conditions. In order to make the script more dependable and durable, we have replaced our previous database model with a more advanced model. This version boasts an advanced Postgres SQL model which is highly reliable and can efficiently retrieve and track data.

Separate, exclusive Modules for driver and Passenger

Our priority in this update was to provide a glitch-free, seamless experience for both the driver and the passenger. A few recurring issues have been fixed in this update and two separate modules have been released for both the driver and the passenger. Functionality wise both the modules are similar with only a few attributes changed. Employing a separate module allows for detailed fair calculation for both the driver and the passenger.

More exciting features yet to be divulged!! 

Apart from these technical updates, we are still working behind the scenes to improve the overall functionality of the application. We have earmarked specific areas for improvisation.

Some of these features are still in the works,
  • Precise waiting time calculation
  • Peak hour charge implementation
  • Complete overhaul of UI
  • Accurate and concise Trip details
Final thoughts

The above features we have mentioned will serve as the prerequisite for the future release which will be out in approximately a month’s time. The purpose of this specific update was to improve the overall functionality of the application in the current market scenario. In about a month’s time an advanced, fully loaded application will be released, so stay tuned for more exciting news from our side.