Agriya strongly believes in the quote given by Michael LeBoeuf - “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. One of the signs of any successful business is the presence of happy customers and happy customers are the bloodline of Agriya. We keep our customers happy by not only providing them with products and services that ensure their business grows, but also by ensuring that the products and services provided by us are up to date.

Our customers have another reason to be happy. Every year we have provided them a limited period discount offer and we are continuing that tradition this year as well. There is a 30% discount on all our ready-made web and app solutions.

Don’t worry, there is no catch. We are really offering the discount on all our products. As you are aware we have a large range of products. These include clone scripts of popular apps. Those who wish to avail this offer can go through the product section of our website, decide which of the customizable scripts they want to purchase and enter the code SAVE30% at the time of purchase.

There is another reason why we are offering a limited period discount every year. We are aware that many first-time entrepreneurs are hesitant to start their own businesses because of the investment cost. The limited period discount offer is our way of giving them an added incentive to start their own businesses.

We have helped many start-ups companies build successful businesses and our mission is to continue helping start-up companies set-up successful businesses. You can say that is the reason we have tasted success for so long and our limited period discount offer serves to reinforce that belief.