Agriya's New Taxi Booking Solution

Booking a cheaper taxi was not easy until a network of taxis and customers was formed and streamlined through an online interface. This has eventually lead to an upsurge in the demand for taxi booking platforms by businessmen for their new business ventures. 

Agriya has set the stage for such motivated entrepreneurs by releasing an exclusive taxi booking solution. You can use this solution for digitalizing your small taxi business. The solution is framed keeping in view the complexities faced by travelers as they use the applications for booking their cabs. It aims towards making the online booking process interactive, customer-concentric, motivating & delightful. 

A handy tool at the disposal of Android & I-phone users

This solution offers developing app exclusive for both Android- devices and I-phone users. The users can download the app and use it for booking taxis like most other apps. It is fast and convenient for even first-time users with a hassle-free and simplified approach.

Embedded with key features to keep up effective communication with customers

No one can underestimate the value of communication on an online booking platform. While it can be tedious for customers to reach benefits of the application without a proper channel of communication, maintaining an active line of communication with them could be highly beneficial to your success. Keeping this in mind, Agriya has introduced predefined Email templates to hasten transmission of user-specific & vital information to your customers.

Allows a wider zone of operation

It is profitable to let your business run on a larger platform with all cities of your preference at your disposal. If you are willing to narrow down the zone of function based on your budget and facilities, you can just check the cities you can afford.

Online Mapping & Tracking Facility allowing both drivers and travelers to know their journey

Allow drivers and travelers to map the locations & directions easily for a mutually satisfactory and convenient journey with our personalized and made to order online GPS tracking system. In case you are wondering that whether legal problems can ensue, this feature also lets you track your cars to stay well-informed about any unexpected or unwarranted incident.

Making cars in the vicinity visible

Our feature-rich and customer supportive app solution immediately lists out the available vehicles at the disposal of travelers in the vicinity so that they can be instantly accessed and thereby save the valuable time of your customers. The best thing here is the quick response and clarity provided by this application. 

Summing up

If you are willing to embark on a new journey of online taxi booking business but don’t know where to begin, Taxi Booking Solution is a lucrative option for you. It gives you the simple platform you might be looking for with rich and innovative features embedded in it. Though it takes expertise to sort out the bottlenecks in the most common applications and design a unique script, Agriya has successfully been able to launch its most desirable and improved Taxi booking solution.