Chatting apps like WhatsApp are becoming inevitable these days in the digital world. Approximately 60% of organizations also make use of these apps for their marketing purposes. So, creating high quality and user-friendly chatting apps will implement the real-time chat functionalities with ease.

Are you an entrepreneur who is in search of such real-time high-quality WhatsApp clones looking to start up a niche in the instant messaging platform? Then you have just reached at the right place wherein Agriya has recently launched its new WhatsApp clone - BlaberChat for all the iPhone users. This instant messaging app possesses innovative and rich set of features that will boost up your business venture.

Why choose BlaberChat?

The chatting apps are gaining lots of attention from the entrepreneurial side where they see it as an effective way in increasing their business opportunities whereby they can create a unique mark on their own brand. Taking WhatsApp as an inspiration, the Agriyans have developed the robust and fun-filled BlaberChat that is sure to be overlooked by many people. BlaberChat also comes along with unique features like larger file sharing option and sync of Facebook profile pic and name. Allowing its users to experience the thrill of instant messaging with the many enriched features in it.

Gratifying Features

Single & Group chat windows

The Blaberchat comes up with the feature where it has single and group chat windows so that the user can take part in as many chats as wished.

Sync Profile pics

Unlike WhatsApp, this Blaberchat script comes with an option that allows its users to sync their Facebook profile pictures and names into it.

Easy image cropping

Allows users to crop their images from unwanted elements with ease.

File sharing

This iPhone app comes up with an outstanding option where it allows to share video files of size more than 50MB. Apart from this, image and audio files can also be shared instantly.

These are only a small part of the BlaberChat features. In order to know more about it, you will have to get this iPhone mobile app to experience all of the features. 

Here's the demo,

Wrapping up

Are you excited with what you have read till now about “BlaberChat”? Then right away get in touch with Agriya and grab hold of this awesome product. Lead your aspiring online business career with Agriya’s new WhatsApp clone script and get to know its win-win magic on your business.