WhatsApp Clone

Agriya is all set and geared up to fascinate every mobile savvy people, shortly with its recent ongoing evolvement for the iOS platform script, namely “BlaberChat”, a WhatsApp Clone. Online mobile chatting is almost proving to be inevitable for many people wide across the globe. With a steady and consistent increase in the count of users, it is going only one way and that is upwards.

It’s no wonder that online mobile chatting has been a remarkable success, the reason being the engaging grip it was able to strike among its users. With a large number of online mobile applications already having set the bar high, Agriya is stepping forward to assist every entrepreneur to realize their dream of establishing a high selling business, by its new WhatsApp clone - BlaberChat.

Motive behind the development

Agriya has always wanted to render its customers with a product, which empowers them to meet the higher standards prevailing in the market. Therefore, we settled to clone an application which is critically acclaimed as the best online chatting application. One such application which needs no introduction is “Whatsapp”.

WhatsApp is ruling the online chatting platform globally with astonishing figures of user demographics and whopping revenue.

What to expect from?

We have replicated exactly a vitalizing application which offers all the fundamentals and at the same time every crucial functionalities of its predecessor. We thrive on various success formulas in building up a mobile application such as scalable graphics, excellent user interface, and sensible ergonomics. Rightfully so, we have come forth with all such technicalities too.

What’s so special about BlaberChat?

Blaber chat comes in with some additional attributes which will prove to be very advantageous.

It enables you to perform an effective image cropping
Give your image a better orientation and composition by making use of the impressive aspect ratio.

An intense Facebook synchronization is there for everyone to experience

During the time of activation,  you can significantly fetch all of your Facebook profile details.

Extended range of video file sharing up to 50 mb

In any online chatting application,  extended file sharing facility was always seen as an unresolved challenge.  Now,  with blaber chat you can get to share a video file of larger size up to 50 mb.

Get ready to be blown away by the number of offers

Here is the big deal that we have come forward with,  to complement the first 20 of our customers

1. An assured 50% offer on the product rate.

2. A post purchase technical support, free of cost for 6 months.

3. Free upgradation for a period of 1 year.

4. A total costless installation on your respective server. And to go along with that, we make it easier even further by taking care of  the submission charges required for the iOS store.

Final words

Bear in mind of all the aforesaid things. No more waiting in the wings, as the initiative for your entrepreneurial aspirations is about to show up very soon.