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A lot of new enterprises have become historical successes in the past and “Social Networking” has recently made up to the list. The reason we can talk of Social Networking as a fruitful enterprise is the surging trend in the demand for online social interaction. You should never miss a chance to project your image on a public platform and Online Social Networking just gives you that. 

Social Media today has expanded to every nook and corner of the world.It provides a free and liberal platform to establish yourself publicly as an individual, company or industry.Anyone can sign up through a valid email id and design his profile based on his personal relevant information. Agriya’s Online Social Networking Solution is a valuable aid to evolve an online social network on your own and lend a social platform to connect people. People can socialize, export enhanced & personalized images or videos on a common platform, add views and comments, provide descriptions and location details, promote and advertise.

So here we list out the exclusive features of this solution which shall brighten your scope for building a distinguished website.

1. Fine-Tuning User’s Privacy
User’s privacy is a concern when you are owning a social networking website.Some of the users will like their posts and feeds to be constrained to specific acquaintances. Quite contrarily, others may like their posts to reach a larger audience and so on. To cater to the independent choices of users, the solution is ingrained with optimum user privacy options.

2. Smooth-sailing Navigation  
The web-solution provides the user a semantic User Interface by virtue of which the user can smoothly navigate across the website without any ambiguity. This is important owing to the fact that a good interface gives your website a sophisticated lookout.

3. Personalizing Feeds.
Before a user shares his post, the first thing that he may look out for is customization. This will add a personal touch and setting to his posts. With a view to making it possible, the solution provides a myriad of personalizing options to the user. He can add descriptions, hash-tags, location-updates, filters and photos/Videos enhancement tools for an impressive update.

4. Photos/Videos Enhancement
The solution is designed so that the user can share impressive photos & videos for an attractive and catchy post. Be it an individual or a company, anyone may develop impressive posts. For that the solution is embedded with superb editing & enhancing tools that will give the desired look and feel to the pictures & videos.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.

Summing Up
It is pertinent to give a good start to your enterprise and the best way to begin with it is to evolve a worthy and robust website. Once done, you can get along with it and turn it into a huge success. A solution is designed with the intention to speed up the process of website designing with a greater focus on customization and time-saving. Agriya’s unique solution stands out in terms of flexibility, precision, scalability and builds up the framework for an impressive website-generation.

Mobile Apps, with a myriad of problem-solving features, are currently lauded as the most crucial aides for a convenient lifestyle. They are our humble helpmates guiding us through multifarious activities on a day-day basis. In-fact, A lot of new ideas keep hitting the market in the form of some trendy and handy apps. One such fascinating idea can possibly be your dream entrepreneurial venture!

In this article we will be enlisting some captivating mobile-app ideas for you.

Language Mediation’ App
  What could be more alluring than having a real time translator with you wherever you go? Well, it is absolutely possible. A real time language translator is a must have for travelers on the go. In places where you are faced with interaction problems, a language translator helps you interact and translate   the conversations on a real time basis.

‘What to cook’ App
  No one can explain its significance better than housewives running short of ingredients for cooking. This app   idea is equally essential as well as creative.What it does is that it simply makes a compilation of available       ingredients and suggests possible recipes instantly. Sounds like a cool idea, Right?

Clinical Diagnosis and medication tracking
Medical History is of paramount importance for an effective and easier diagnosis of diseases. Keeping track of medical history shall no more be limited to big files and papers only. The idea is to contain all information related to the individual’s medications and diagnosis in the application that can be produced as and when necessary. This is indeed one of the most lucrative options for any Mobile Application Development Company.

Patients Queue Monitoring App
Such an app is the need of the hour. It is often found that most of the hospitals do not have a decent waiting system for patients. There should be an app to administer a process of registering patients online and timely updating them of their status. This can be highly convenient for patients having to wait long hours for their turn.

Parking zone display app
Such an app is a boon for drivers killing their valuable time and energy in search of parking spots in their location. This can honestly be a hectic job and a parking space locator can help ease it out for the drivers.

‘Disaster Alert’ App
A natural disaster alert app may help create the much needed alert and directions to the individual in case of a sudden natural disaster. It can be highly beneficial for creating alerts on the individual’s mobile and giving him suitable directions to save himself and his belongings.

Public Transportation Tracking App
It is an essential requisite for people who have to run hither and thither in search of a faster mode of transportation. The app must indicate availability of the current modes of public transportation which may be availed by the individual in real time.

Summing Up
Mobile app development is a lucrative money making idea considering low initiation costs and a wide range of benefits. It will also save you a great deal of time and energy. In fact android application development is among the most hyped business ideas. So if you are willing to get started, this article will help you maneuver your dreams.

There cannot be a better idea than building a marketplace to fetch/deliver on-demand local services. Owing to a service industry which is dispersed and disarrayed, this is perhaps a great way to gather and channelize the services to local people. 

That’s why Agriya launched this new On-demand services booking solution which can be transformed into a giant enterprise bridging the gap between an ever-increasing demand and supply of services. It aims at meeting customer’s needs and providing seamless consumer satisfaction. 

Here we offer you a quick glance into some of its features:

An interactive User Interface

This simplified interface helps users to understand and implement their tasks with ease. There is nothing that users will thank you for better than a platform that offers smooth and hassle-free navigation through your website. Browsing through the services, associated costs and comparisons among different services is semantic and helps the user to interact without any inconvenience.

Multilingual Platform

What accelerates user’s work is his ability to communicate in his chosen/preferred language. The users can spot out different navigation points & search tabs faster by interacting in a language they are comfortable with. Agriya’s On-Demand Service Marketplace solution is one more of its multifarious web-solutions providing multilingual preferences to users, one of the most essential criteria you might look for in your web application.

A convenient review & feedback system   

Reviews and feedback keep the show running. It is desirable to have an interactive and meaningful review and feedback mechanism because it helps to cater to the needs of customers by letting them place their inconveniences and report problems which can be addressed instantly.

Try the demo,

Simple,Secure & updated Payment channel

This is very important as secure and safe transactions form the crux of every business enterprise. A payment channel must ensure authenticity and reliability. Paypal is being implemented for all monetary exchange owing to its popularity among users across the world.

An all-inclusive Admin Panel

The admin panel includes features to make it easy for the administrator to control the different processes, transactions & various control panels. He enjoys full privacy as well as customization facilities. He can administer all the activities, ins and outs, monetary transactions, profits, complaints & feedback as well as response emails to users.

A flexible option to add and update areas and area-specific services

The solution bears an added facility for you to add areas you want to serve as well as update with new locations which you would like to cover. Each location can be updated with added details about services available in the concerned area as well as relevant costs and other similar details.

Last Word

You can always make it a bigger and better enterprise with a little endeavour. While a business takes time to harvest, a prudent plan and simplified approach to your problem can reduce your time and enterprise manifold. So don’t wait to start your own service marketplace with Agriya’s On-Demand services booking solution.

With an ongoing craze to systematize events & hasten their progress, Agriya fits the bill with its clear & concise Event Management Solution. 

Event-organizing reminds us of an endless list of unmanageable tasks & processes. It includes chalking out details with plans, organizing booking details, adding & managing tickets and finally but most importantly keeping the team informed at regular intervals. Most event planners have a hard time fetching a reliable plan for conferences, meetings & big organizational events. 

To solve these inevitable problems, the event ticketing solution from Agriya comes up with quite a deal of unique traits. Here we outline some of the features of this indispensable Event Booking Solution:

Create Personalized events

With this solution, users can create their own events by adding a new name to the event & a short meaningful description. All categories of events can be created.The events should include an appropriate schedule. Event-Maps may also be created and uploaded. Events should be accompanied by a ticket booking system.

Ensure safe online payment

You can avail a reliable payment facility with Paypal as the online transaction gateway. It is extremely beneficial to use the wallet system as well since it is convenient and fast.

Choose your language

It is a relief when you can interact in a preferred language, right? Well, This solution helps you find your comfort-zone and interact in the language of your choice.

Manage on a real Time Basis

The system of tickets booking is managed online on a real time basis. Once the tickets are booked or purchased, it is instantly updated in the system which can be accessed, viewed and managed by the administrator. Also, emails are forwarded to the customers instantly on receipt of bookings.

Control & customize

The administrator may avail full control of the settings and can personalize according to his convenience. The admin can control activities of users and bookings from his profile as and when required.

Install in a blink of eye

The software is easy to install as we provide all the necessary back up to guide you conveniently through the process. All the essential details and codes are emailed to the customer following which he is furnished with directions and guidelines to proceed with the installation process.

Avail Digital Wallet System

The digital wallet system is a feature which can be availed by users for instant, hassle-free payments. The users can deposit some amount in the wallet for a secure and instant payment. This feature is used by a vast majority of customers to avoid last minute hassles.

Final Word

If you have growing needs to accelerate your event management business then we ensure that nothing could be more rewarding than this. Quite presumably, this is the most desirable thing for all organizations worldwide, owing to the perennial need of organizations to conform to time zones. You can certainly help event-plans thrive better with it. So get your hands on our simple solution for your upcoming ventures & experience the convenience.  

The present-day market scenario has become extremely divergent, thanks to a diverse list of trading websites available online which promote smooth business. These online marketplaces have changed the present landscape of the economy. 

Due to its rapid growth and quick market potential, these platforms provide quick opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-up specialists to quick start their own ventures. Having this thought in mind, we at Agriya have finally launched our very own, innovative online classified ads solution.

A compact, highly compatible solution

A great deal of time and effort was spent on doing background research on the nature of this industry. With our concrete efforts, we created the most flexible, highly cohesive Online Classified solution. Usually entrepreneurs have a conceptualized thought or an idea, however, most of the times, they lack any constructive plans. Nevertheless, Agriya’s single-minded approach was well rewarded with a full-fledged solution which can answer these entrepreneur’s challenges. 

Buy, sell and promote your products in the most innovative way

List out your products in the most efficient way by employing our state-of-the-art promotional tools which will greatly assist you in building up the profile of your product and also for its effective listing. These promotional tools will assist the user in uploading the necessary pictures and cropping it to fit into the right frame. Videos can also be uploaded with much ease. Picture scrolling is smooth, making sure the buyers get enough clarity about the quality of your product. As for the seller, it justifies his product’s credibility. 

Distinct design to support a multi-dimensional framework

A modest, user-centric approach was followed while incorporating the elements associated with online trading. The interface is dazzling with colorful tabs which highlight key features. The product list display is well segregated to include different categories such as automobiles, gifts, and toys etc. The integrated dashboard is distinguishable for both the user and the admin. The admin’s dashboard is business focused with variously integrated plug-ins designed specifically for marketing aspects. 

Market-centric approach for maximum promotion

Since this solution was developed after market research, it’s well balanced and functions smoothly without any hurdles. Business operations are streamlined because it’s supported by a high functioning framework. In order to assist potential business owners and sellers, machine-generated analytics have been instilled to the solution. These provide valuable insights on the performance of your business and helps in tracking of revenue generated through ads. Real-time notifications are enabled to provide instant updates for users. 

Flexible Payment gateways to ensure secure transactions

A highly secure payment gateway ensures that any transaction conducted by the user or the buyer is 100% safe and secure. In our effort to customize payment process, we have implemented wallet mode of payment as well. Users can take advantage of our highly secure and flexible payment gateways to indulge in flawless transactions

Final words

Agriya is considered by many as pioneers for developing world-class business solutions for upcoming Corporates. We strive to produce the best products and solutions for start-ups and entrepreneur. Our latest offerings a high functioning, innovative marketplace solution. Utilize this unique solution to create your own Online Classified business.

Agriya's New Taxi Booking Solution

Booking a cheaper taxi was not easy until a network of taxis and customers was formed and streamlined through an online interface. This has eventually lead to an upsurge in the demand for taxi booking platforms by businessmen for their new business ventures. 

Agriya has set the stage for such motivated entrepreneurs by releasing an exclusive taxi booking solution. You can use this solution for digitalizing your small taxi business. The solution is framed keeping in view the complexities faced by travelers as they use the applications for booking their cabs. It aims towards making the online booking process interactive, customer-concentric, motivating & delightful. 

A handy tool at the disposal of Android & I-phone users

This solution offers developing app exclusive for both Android- devices and I-phone users. The users can download the app and use it for booking taxis like most other apps. It is fast and convenient for even first-time users with a hassle-free and simplified approach.

Embedded with key features to keep up effective communication with customers

No one can underestimate the value of communication on an online booking platform. While it can be tedious for customers to reach benefits of the application without a proper channel of communication, maintaining an active line of communication with them could be highly beneficial to your success. Keeping this in mind, Agriya has introduced predefined Email templates to hasten transmission of user-specific & vital information to your customers.

Allows a wider zone of operation

It is profitable to let your business run on a larger platform with all cities of your preference at your disposal. If you are willing to narrow down the zone of function based on your budget and facilities, you can just check the cities you can afford.

Online Mapping & Tracking Facility allowing both drivers and travelers to know their journey

Allow drivers and travelers to map the locations & directions easily for a mutually satisfactory and convenient journey with our personalized and made to order online GPS tracking system. In case you are wondering that whether legal problems can ensue, this feature also lets you track your cars to stay well-informed about any unexpected or unwarranted incident.

Making cars in the vicinity visible

Our feature-rich and customer supportive app solution immediately lists out the available vehicles at the disposal of travelers in the vicinity so that they can be instantly accessed and thereby save the valuable time of your customers. The best thing here is the quick response and clarity provided by this application. 

Summing up

If you are willing to embark on a new journey of online taxi booking business but don’t know where to begin, Taxi Booking Solution is a lucrative option for you. It gives you the simple platform you might be looking for with rich and innovative features embedded in it. Though it takes expertise to sort out the bottlenecks in the most common applications and design a unique script, Agriya has successfully been able to launch its most desirable and improved Taxi booking solution.  

Education today is much organized and is open to accept any changes and upgrades. Even though we have achieved immense progress in terms of education all these years, yet remains some possibilities for further advancement. Especially in terms of learning practices, we have to tune our conventional procedures to another dimension in order to attain sustainability and versatility. Agriya’s renowned online learning platform is an advanced form of present-day E-learning platforms that follow traditional learning patterns and it not only reforms those practices but incorporates several other inventive attributes to ensure supreme consummation.

Premium Tutoring Solution For Absolute Learning Experience

Agriya’s one-stop e-learning solution echoes the future of learning as it focuses on delivering a sustainable learning experience through maximum compatibility and integrity. It interweaves instructors as well students while leaning on modern-day market-perspective, moreover deliver complete operational freedom for businesses to streamline the overall process easier.

Here is What You Get With Agriya’s E-learning Solution

Allow students to pick from the assigned courses - Students can choose the courses they are interested in and further can learn the same by utilizing our advanced tutoring strategies.

Enables instructors to create and organize lessons - Teachers are offered freedom to design lessons and manage the same according to their availability.

Interactive sessions via Q&A, quizzes etc - Given opportunity to bring interactive learning practices as a part of the curriculum through quizzes, Q&A and more. 

Video possibilities plus documents to encourage more involvement - Comprehend videos, pdf/doc along with regular learning practices to kindle participation and engagement.

Regular assessment tests for supreme analysis - Instructors can conduct practice tests to assess the intensity of learning. Moreover, it helps students to analyses themselves and further adopts better strategies to improve the same. 

Convenient training methods for flexible learning - Teachers can offer online as well as onsite training, whilst students can choose between the two considering their suitability.

Add feedbacks to enhance the future learning experience - Students, as well as the admin, can add instant feedback on courses. This is more like a transparent user-engagement approach to take the all-round learning experience to the next level. 

Accompany other faculties and share the revenue - Agriya’s one-stop learning solution allows their users, instructors to incorporate other teaching faculties and then let them share their income respectively. 

Explicitly Built With Business Perspective In Mind

Agriya’s online learning destination follows a business-centric approach in its operations and thus promises ultimate liberty for businesses. It enables the business to manage and organize the courses, teachers, students, departments etc more efficiently. The data collected through our automated data procurement process enables them to get a clear vision on various attributes like customers, their behavior, courses and more. This will further help them better streamline, plan a results-focused business process. 

In order to efficiently organize and manage the whole process, admin is given the privilege to split the operations. It is possible for the admin to appoint other sub-admins to segmentize the process and thus managing it more efficiently and with ease. Moreover, through Multi-Currency Processing, they can accept payment from many of the several currencies. 

Wrapping Up

Unlike any other industry education sector is much vulnerable and it presses for well built, constantly-upgraded, sustainable solutions that deliver better standards and values for the present generation as well as the future to come. Agriya’s built-in learning solution promises utmost expediency and feasibility, at the same time ensures maximal market- adjustability and thus can be counted as an incredible choice for someone who needs a kickstart in the education business.

Zocdoc clone script

Agriya strives to satisfy the necessities of today’s ever demanding technology realm through unexcelled software practices and prerequisite upgrades that guarantees fulfillment and sustainability. We scrutinize not the frequency but relevancy, yet endeavor to deliver radical solutions more steadily. Proving once again this amenability, Agriya introduces the advanced upgraded version of Zocdoc clone script

Agriya’s ABS Script is a ready-to-deploy solution built with a vision to help people find doctors, thereafter scheduling the appointments effortlessly. ZocDoc clone script comprises all the significant ingredients of an advanced doctor appointment booking platform and hence the best choice for anyone who covet the same. 

Here Is What You Can Expect

The updated ZocDoc clone script is more of a perfected version with some added features to bring out the best possible outcome. Below mentioned the standout factors of the updated ABS script.

Bug Fixes 

Current ABS script update fixes all the existed errors and bugs and thereby ensures precision and quality, an inimitable user experience itself. Earlier, issues were identified with doctor-patient appointments, receiving notifications, Appointment setting, and modification. These bugs are fixed along with the Doctor search fixes. 

Personalised Mail Format 

Traditional SMS and mail approach were incapable of generating an impression of personification as it constitutes merely some pre-built templates. Agriya’s new update on ZocDoc clone script incorporates this advanced feature “SMS mail content”, which allows the doctors to customize the SMS as well as the Email content, thereby adding more human traits to the same. 

Authentic Medical History 

Added this new feature that allows any existing patients to conveniently update their medical history anytime. It offers them great control over their data, moreover, it provides the doctors with updated patient information which in turn helps them to better plan and executes their approach much accurately. 

Adaptable Form Fields 

Conventional form fields were pre-established and it offered only limited information. This new upgrade on ZocDoc clone script enables the doctors to include additional fields to the respective forms in accordance with their requirements. Above all, with all these relevant data, doctors can finally come up with a better solution that delivers better results. 

Final words 

Agriya’s updated doctor appointment booking script is a well refined, handy version with a significant amount of fixes and added features. The same ABS script is built considering both patients as well as doctors and has never ignored any possibility to supplement innovation. It resolves any germane niche market challenges, thus, can be the best pick for anyone who looks for a cutting-edge online doctor appointment booking platform.    

Now, you can avail this ABS script via three subscription packages, advanced, pro and pro+. You can make use of all the basic features by utilizing the advanced package, whereas the pro and pro+ is feature-rich packages that combine all the supplementary features.

Agriya strongly believes in the quote given by Michael LeBoeuf - “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. One of the signs of any successful business is the presence of happy customers and happy customers are the bloodline of Agriya. We keep our customers happy by not only providing them with products and services that ensure their business grows, but also by ensuring that the products and services provided by us are up to date.

Our customers have another reason to be happy. Every year we have provided them a limited period discount offer and we are continuing that tradition this year as well. There is a 30% discount on all our ready-made web and app solutions.

Don’t worry, there is no catch. We are really offering the discount on all our products. As you are aware we have a large range of products. These include clone scripts of popular apps. Those who wish to avail this offer can go through the product section of our website, decide which of the customizable scripts they want to purchase and enter the code SAVE30% at the time of purchase.

There is another reason why we are offering a limited period discount every year. We are aware that many first-time entrepreneurs are hesitant to start their own businesses because of the investment cost. The limited period discount offer is our way of giving them an added incentive to start their own businesses.

We have helped many start-ups companies build successful businesses and our mission is to continue helping start-up companies set-up successful businesses. You can say that is the reason we have tasted success for so long and our limited period discount offer serves to reinforce that belief.

We at Agriya always have a tendency to release prompt updates for our products. Its embedded in our blueprint to make our products perform even better by updating with time-tested technologies in order to keep up with the competition and the market trends.

This time we focused our efforts on improving Taxipickr - Uber clone script, one of our Premium Products.

Significance of this update

The most fundamental reason we formulated this update was to make sure this application is compatible across multiple platforms. For this purpose, we have launched two versions, one for ios and another for Android platforms. To make it function in the ios systems we integrated Objective ‘C’ language. For Android devices we used Java. Both the versions are available for download in i-store and play store.

Aside from that, we have made several technical changes to the script. The frameworks have been completely re-aligned. The front end is framed using a rigid Angular JS framework and the back end is forged using a dynamic slim and PHP framework. This allows for better stability and will ensure that the script is able to support the cryptographical changes which have been added to this script.

The frameworks are highly responsive and can operate under rugged conditions. In order to make the script more dependable and durable, we have replaced our previous database model with a more advanced model. This version boasts an advanced Postgres SQL model which is highly reliable and can efficiently retrieve and track data.

Separate, exclusive Modules for driver and Passenger

Our priority in this update was to provide a glitch-free, seamless experience for both the driver and the passenger. A few recurring issues have been fixed in this update and two separate modules have been released for both the driver and the passenger. Functionality wise both the modules are similar with only a few attributes changed. Employing a separate module allows for detailed fair calculation for both the driver and the passenger.

More exciting features yet to be divulged!! 

Apart from these technical updates, we are still working behind the scenes to improve the overall functionality of the application. We have earmarked specific areas for improvisation.

Some of these features are still in the works,
  • Precise waiting time calculation
  • Peak hour charge implementation
  • Complete overhaul of UI
  • Accurate and concise Trip details
Final thoughts

The above features we have mentioned will serve as the prerequisite for the future release which will be out in approximately a month’s time. The purpose of this specific update was to improve the overall functionality of the application in the current market scenario. In about a month’s time an advanced, fully loaded application will be released, so stay tuned for more exciting news from our side.


The freelancing economy is currently booming and constant enhancement is of paramount importance when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Agriya who have been specialists in clone scripts have taken up the task of refining this script to the modern times. In keeping up with this occasion. Agriya is launching the new versions of Getlancer freelance scripts - Getlancer bidding, Getlancer Jobs and Getlancer Portfolio. Let’s have a brief analysis at one of our most advanced versions of the Getlancer product range. 

Cohesive and a Complete Upgrade

The latest list of Getlancer Product range has witnessed a lot of technical improvements. Similar to getlancer quote which was released earlier, the new Getlancer product range has also seen some changes in the frameworks. The front-end and the back-end have been fortified with Angular JS and a slim framework. To support simultaneous web operations REST (Representational State Transfer) has been integrated. This will also help in changing to the desired frameworks at any point.

Purpose of this change

One of the main reasons for this up-gradation is to increase the overall functionality which is essential for the smooth work-flow process. At the same user experience was cumbersome in the previous versions and this has been significantly improved. Overall, the functionality of the script has been increased with some innovative plug-ins. The script is flexible and has been designed to run in any language with the added advantage of translation which can be done manually or automatically. 

The revenue model has been re-designed to assist the employers and freelancers have financial flexibility and optimize their revenues.The communication channel has been made effective and employers and Freelancers can communicate easily without any hassles.Dual dashboards allow easy switching of profiles from employer to Freelancer without much lag and loading time. Apart from that the admin dashboard has been greatly enhanced and facilitates clear representation of the site with detailed graphical insights.

The user interface has undergone a complete revamp and all the project details can be accessed from the same page. A marked improvement has been initiated in the Freelancer’s credential details and the content clarity has witnessed a marked improvement. 

Here's the demo,

Final Words

Agriya has revitalized the script by tweaking certain aspects which have further fortified the script’s functionality. The primary objective was to increase the overall user experience and this specific upgrade is a marked improvement compared to the previous version. The new range of getlancer product list is bound to help you in sustaining in the current freelance market and have a significant advantage over your competitors.

PHP has emerged to be World’s most popular server side scripting language in developing websites and web applications, ranging from simple to complex types. According to reports, it is estimated that up to 80% of web developers make use of the PHP frameworks. Using frameworks benefit in many ways like enhancing scalability, long-term maintenance, and allowing your application to evolve over time.

The frameworks offer more productivity wherein it utilizes its ready to use components, libraries, best architecture and implements the separation of model, view, and controller logic. The PHP frameworks are more handy and reliable when it comes to speedy and well-organized web developments.

Points to Ponder On:

However, opting for the right framework can be tricky at times. In this situation keep these few things in mind:
  • Functionalities of the framework
  • Strong community support
  • Learning curves needed
  • Scalability
  • Active maintenance of the framework
  • LTS Support
Popular PHP Frameworks:

Now that we have gone through a few points that are needed while choosing a framework,  let’s examine some of the best and popular PHP frameworks that provides an excellent enterprise-level stability:


Laravel outshines from the other frameworks with its tooling and ecosystem helping the developers in getting the things done easily. Laravel is considered to be the king of the PHP frameworks. It is crafted to be simple, easy to learn and sustains rapid software development. Laravel is built on several Symfony components that make it be a solid framework ensuring to give well-tested and reliable codes. In short, it is well suited for projects of all types and sizes.


This framework is again back in demand with its latest version CakePHP 3.0. Since a long time back it was one of the best and attracted corporates like BMW, Hyundai, and Zumba. Now it has much more advanced features like flexible architecture, improved session management, standalone libraries, improved ORM and much more. With the code generation features, this CakePHP framework enables you in building the web application at a faster pace.


Yii framework is known to be one among the oldest PHP frameworks. It was lagging behind Laravel and Symfony, but soon after its latest Yii version 2.0, it is increasingly preferred by a majority of the enterprise grade web app developments. Yii is a high-performance framework which is best suited for developing web 2.0 applications. It is sufficient with features like scaffolding, MVC, caching, role-based access control, etc. Since Yii works well with third-party codes, it allows you to integrate other frameworks data into it.


The best part of this framework is that you don’t have to spend your time by learning it! Slim frameworks code base is so small that you will finish the entire code in just a few time span. Slim is an open source, sophisticated micro framework supporting encrypted cookies, flash messages, URL routing, best-in-class middleware architectures and much more. It is also known to be the fastest RESTful framework perfect for small rest APIs.


This is a powerful PHP framework, very developer friendly offering simple and easy to use simple solutions for developing complex applications. It requires nearly zero configuration along with no supports. It’s exceptionally fast and features rich set of libraries, simple interface, and logical structures. It supports a base system that is both lean and agile.


Expressive, Zend, Silex, FuelPHP, Aura, Phalcon, the list of frameworks is just endless. And each of those frameworks has their own qualities in place. Which framework best fits your business completely depends on the requirements of the application you intend to develop, infrastructure, the developers in your team and a lot of other factors. 

Looking for some insights to develop your very own exclusive web service ? Made your mind to create your web service with Slim Framework? We have got the best answers and solutions for you, through this article.
What’s a web service is all about ?
A web service is nothing but which gives a solid assurance and protection to your database. It helps a great deal in establishing a trusted and safe procedure if your database is to be shared with other applications. One has to come across a lot of problems in the absence of the web services. Particularly, when you are about to share your database. This means that you are granting full access to your database with a potential threat of facing severe consequences
This is where a web service comes into play nicely. You can create a web service which will create a real-time scenario in sharing only the demanded data, not the entire database. Ultimately, this makes a huge difference.
Slim Framework:
Slim framework is a dynamic PHP framework which enables you to evolve web service. It is very distinguished from other set of conventional methodologies as it proves to be highly time efficient. You can write your web applications effectively in an uncomplicated manner. It’s highly responsive as well.
JSON mediates the transfer of data between applications. In simple words, it is a lightweight format used for interchanging data effectively. As the name suggests, it is a subset of Javascript Programming Language
Develop your Web Service using Slim
1. First step is the definition of route. Let’s get started with an example, when we visit your domain/bikes immediately it will call the method ‘getBikes’
2. $app->get('/bikes','getBikes');
Then we should define our ‘getBikes’ method which will return all the bikes contained in the Database .To do so , we generate our Sql query
$sql = "SELECT manufacturer,color FROM bike ORDER BY id";
Then , execute the query
$db = getDB();
$stmt = $db->query($sql);
$Bikess = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
and finally return the data as JSON with this line of code
echo '{"Bikes": ' . json_encode($bikes) . '}';
The ‘getBikes’ method will be :
function getBikes() {
$sql = "SELECT manufacturer,color FROM bike ORDER BY id";
try {
$db = getDB();
$stmt = $db->query($sql);
$bikes = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
$db = null;
echo '{"Bikes": ' . json_encode($bikes) . '}';
} catch(PDOException $e) {
echo "Error !";
Let’s test it ! go to the browser and visit yourdomain/bikes , it will show you this
For projects which demands a real-time connection with your databases, Slim Framework can be used. Simply, because of it’s high degree of reliability. With several other expected improvisations it's expected to move only one way and that is forward.

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Gratifying Features

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Sync Profile pics

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Easy image cropping

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File sharing

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Here's the demo,

Wrapping up

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