Education today is much organized and is open to accept any changes and upgrades. Even though we have achieved immense progress in terms of education all these years, yet remains some possibilities for further advancement. Especially in terms of learning practices, we have to tune our conventional procedures to another dimension in order to attain sustainability and versatility. Agriya’s renowned online learning platform is an advanced form of present-day E-learning platforms that follow traditional learning patterns and it not only reforms those practices but incorporates several other inventive attributes to ensure supreme consummation.

Premium Tutoring Solution For Absolute Learning Experience

Agriya’s one-stop e-learning solution echoes the future of learning as it focuses on delivering a sustainable learning experience through maximum compatibility and integrity. It interweaves instructors as well students while leaning on modern-day market-perspective, moreover deliver complete operational freedom for businesses to streamline the overall process easier.

Here is What You Get With Agriya’s E-learning Solution

Allow students to pick from the assigned courses - Students can choose the courses they are interested in and further can learn the same by utilizing our advanced tutoring strategies.

Enables instructors to create and organize lessons - Teachers are offered freedom to design lessons and manage the same according to their availability.

Interactive sessions via Q&A, quizzes etc - Given opportunity to bring interactive learning practices as a part of the curriculum through quizzes, Q&A and more. 

Video possibilities plus documents to encourage more involvement - Comprehend videos, pdf/doc along with regular learning practices to kindle participation and engagement.

Regular assessment tests for supreme analysis - Instructors can conduct practice tests to assess the intensity of learning. Moreover, it helps students to analyses themselves and further adopts better strategies to improve the same. 

Convenient training methods for flexible learning - Teachers can offer online as well as onsite training, whilst students can choose between the two considering their suitability.

Add feedbacks to enhance the future learning experience - Students, as well as the admin, can add instant feedback on courses. This is more like a transparent user-engagement approach to take the all-round learning experience to the next level. 

Accompany other faculties and share the revenue - Agriya’s one-stop learning solution allows their users, instructors to incorporate other teaching faculties and then let them share their income respectively. 

Explicitly Built With Business Perspective In Mind

Agriya’s online learning destination follows a business-centric approach in its operations and thus promises ultimate liberty for businesses. It enables the business to manage and organize the courses, teachers, students, departments etc more efficiently. The data collected through our automated data procurement process enables them to get a clear vision on various attributes like customers, their behavior, courses and more. This will further help them better streamline, plan a results-focused business process. 

In order to efficiently organize and manage the whole process, admin is given the privilege to split the operations. It is possible for the admin to appoint other sub-admins to segmentize the process and thus managing it more efficiently and with ease. Moreover, through Multi-Currency Processing, they can accept payment from many of the several currencies. 

Wrapping Up

Unlike any other industry education sector is much vulnerable and it presses for well built, constantly-upgraded, sustainable solutions that deliver better standards and values for the present generation as well as the future to come. Agriya’s built-in learning solution promises utmost expediency and feasibility, at the same time ensures maximal market- adjustability and thus can be counted as an incredible choice for someone who needs a kickstart in the education business.