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The present-day market scenario has become extremely divergent, thanks to a diverse list of trading websites available online which promote smooth business. These online marketplaces have changed the present landscape of the economy. 

Due to its rapid growth and quick market potential, these platforms provide quick opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-up specialists to quick start their own ventures. Having this thought in mind, we at Agriya have finally launched our very own, innovative online classified ads solution.

A compact, highly compatible solution

A great deal of time and effort was spent on doing background research on the nature of this industry. With our concrete efforts, we created the most flexible, highly cohesive Online Classified solution. Usually entrepreneurs have a conceptualized thought or an idea, however, most of the times, they lack any constructive plans. Nevertheless, Agriya’s single-minded approach was well rewarded with a full-fledged solution which can answer these entrepreneur’s challenges. 

Buy, sell and promote your products in the most innovative way

List out your products in the most efficient way by employing our state-of-the-art promotional tools which will greatly assist you in building up the profile of your product and also for its effective listing. These promotional tools will assist the user in uploading the necessary pictures and cropping it to fit into the right frame. Videos can also be uploaded with much ease. Picture scrolling is smooth, making sure the buyers get enough clarity about the quality of your product. As for the seller, it justifies his product’s credibility. 

Distinct design to support a multi-dimensional framework

A modest, user-centric approach was followed while incorporating the elements associated with online trading. The interface is dazzling with colorful tabs which highlight key features. The product list display is well segregated to include different categories such as automobiles, gifts, and toys etc. The integrated dashboard is distinguishable for both the user and the admin. The admin’s dashboard is business focused with variously integrated plug-ins designed specifically for marketing aspects. 

Market-centric approach for maximum promotion

Since this solution was developed after market research, it’s well balanced and functions smoothly without any hurdles. Business operations are streamlined because it’s supported by a high functioning framework. In order to assist potential business owners and sellers, machine-generated analytics have been instilled to the solution. These provide valuable insights on the performance of your business and helps in tracking of revenue generated through ads. Real-time notifications are enabled to provide instant updates for users. 

Flexible Payment gateways to ensure secure transactions

A highly secure payment gateway ensures that any transaction conducted by the user or the buyer is 100% safe and secure. In our effort to customize payment process, we have implemented wallet mode of payment as well. Users can take advantage of our highly secure and flexible payment gateways to indulge in flawless transactions

Final words

Agriya is considered by many as pioneers for developing world-class business solutions for upcoming Corporates. We strive to produce the best products and solutions for start-ups and entrepreneur. Our latest offerings a high functioning, innovative marketplace solution. Utilize this unique solution to create your own Online Classified business.

Agriya's New Taxi Booking Solution

Booking a cheaper taxi was not easy until a network of taxis and customers was formed and streamlined through an online interface. This has eventually lead to an upsurge in the demand for taxi booking platforms by businessmen for their new business ventures. 

Agriya has set the stage for such motivated entrepreneurs by releasing an exclusive taxi booking solution. You can use this solution for digitalizing your small taxi business. The solution is framed keeping in view the complexities faced by travelers as they use the applications for booking their cabs. It aims towards making the online booking process interactive, customer-concentric, motivating & delightful. 

A handy tool at the disposal of Android & I-phone users

This solution offers developing app exclusive for both Android- devices and I-phone users. The users can download the app and use it for booking taxis like most other apps. It is fast and convenient for even first-time users with a hassle-free and simplified approach.

Embedded with key features to keep up effective communication with customers

No one can underestimate the value of communication on an online booking platform. While it can be tedious for customers to reach benefits of the application without a proper channel of communication, maintaining an active line of communication with them could be highly beneficial to your success. Keeping this in mind, Agriya has introduced predefined Email templates to hasten transmission of user-specific & vital information to your customers.

Allows a wider zone of operation

It is profitable to let your business run on a larger platform with all cities of your preference at your disposal. If you are willing to narrow down the zone of function based on your budget and facilities, you can just check the cities you can afford.

Online Mapping & Tracking Facility allowing both drivers and travelers to know their journey

Allow drivers and travelers to map the locations & directions easily for a mutually satisfactory and convenient journey with our personalized and made to order online GPS tracking system. In case you are wondering that whether legal problems can ensue, this feature also lets you track your cars to stay well-informed about any unexpected or unwarranted incident.

Making cars in the vicinity visible

Our feature-rich and customer supportive app solution immediately lists out the available vehicles at the disposal of travelers in the vicinity so that they can be instantly accessed and thereby save the valuable time of your customers. The best thing here is the quick response and clarity provided by this application. 

Summing up

If you are willing to embark on a new journey of online taxi booking business but don’t know where to begin, Taxi Booking Solution is a lucrative option for you. It gives you the simple platform you might be looking for with rich and innovative features embedded in it. Though it takes expertise to sort out the bottlenecks in the most common applications and design a unique script, Agriya has successfully been able to launch its most desirable and improved Taxi booking solution.  

Education today is much organized and is open to accept any changes and upgrades. Even though we have achieved immense progress in terms of education all these years, yet remains some possibilities for further advancement. Especially in terms of learning practices, we have to tune our conventional procedures to another dimension in order to attain sustainability and versatility. Agriya’s renowned online learning platform is an advanced form of present-day E-learning platforms that follow traditional learning patterns and it not only reforms those practices but incorporates several other inventive attributes to ensure supreme consummation.

Premium Tutoring Solution For Absolute Learning Experience

Agriya’s one-stop e-learning solution echoes the future of learning as it focuses on delivering a sustainable learning experience through maximum compatibility and integrity. It interweaves instructors as well students while leaning on modern-day market-perspective, moreover deliver complete operational freedom for businesses to streamline the overall process easier.

Here is What You Get With Agriya’s E-learning Solution

Allow students to pick from the assigned courses - Students can choose the courses they are interested in and further can learn the same by utilizing our advanced tutoring strategies.

Enables instructors to create and organize lessons - Teachers are offered freedom to design lessons and manage the same according to their availability.

Interactive sessions via Q&A, quizzes etc - Given opportunity to bring interactive learning practices as a part of the curriculum through quizzes, Q&A and more. 

Video possibilities plus documents to encourage more involvement - Comprehend videos, pdf/doc along with regular learning practices to kindle participation and engagement.

Regular assessment tests for supreme analysis - Instructors can conduct practice tests to assess the intensity of learning. Moreover, it helps students to analyses themselves and further adopts better strategies to improve the same. 

Convenient training methods for flexible learning - Teachers can offer online as well as onsite training, whilst students can choose between the two considering their suitability.

Add feedbacks to enhance the future learning experience - Students, as well as the admin, can add instant feedback on courses. This is more like a transparent user-engagement approach to take the all-round learning experience to the next level. 

Accompany other faculties and share the revenue - Agriya’s one-stop learning solution allows their users, instructors to incorporate other teaching faculties and then let them share their income respectively. 

Explicitly Built With Business Perspective In Mind

Agriya’s online learning destination follows a business-centric approach in its operations and thus promises ultimate liberty for businesses. It enables the business to manage and organize the courses, teachers, students, departments etc more efficiently. The data collected through our automated data procurement process enables them to get a clear vision on various attributes like customers, their behavior, courses and more. This will further help them better streamline, plan a results-focused business process. 

In order to efficiently organize and manage the whole process, admin is given the privilege to split the operations. It is possible for the admin to appoint other sub-admins to segmentize the process and thus managing it more efficiently and with ease. Moreover, through Multi-Currency Processing, they can accept payment from many of the several currencies. 

Wrapping Up

Unlike any other industry education sector is much vulnerable and it presses for well built, constantly-upgraded, sustainable solutions that deliver better standards and values for the present generation as well as the future to come. Agriya’s built-in learning solution promises utmost expediency and feasibility, at the same time ensures maximal market- adjustability and thus can be counted as an incredible choice for someone who needs a kickstart in the education business.

PHP has emerged to be World’s most popular server side scripting language in developing websites and web applications, ranging from simple to complex types. According to reports, it is estimated that up to 80% of web developers make use of the PHP frameworks. Using frameworks benefit in many ways like enhancing scalability, long-term maintenance, and allowing your application to evolve over time.

The frameworks offer more productivity wherein it utilizes its ready to use components, libraries, best architecture and implements the separation of model, view, and controller logic. The PHP frameworks are more handy and reliable when it comes to speedy and well-organized web developments.

Points to Ponder On:

However, opting for the right framework can be tricky at times. In this situation keep these few things in mind:
  • Functionalities of the framework
  • Strong community support
  • Learning curves needed
  • Scalability
  • Active maintenance of the framework
  • LTS Support
Popular PHP Frameworks:

Now that we have gone through a few points that are needed while choosing a framework,  let’s examine some of the best and popular PHP frameworks that provides an excellent enterprise-level stability:


Laravel outshines from the other frameworks with its tooling and ecosystem helping the developers in getting the things done easily. Laravel is considered to be the king of the PHP frameworks. It is crafted to be simple, easy to learn and sustains rapid software development. Laravel is built on several Symfony components that make it be a solid framework ensuring to give well-tested and reliable codes. In short, it is well suited for projects of all types and sizes.


This framework is again back in demand with its latest version CakePHP 3.0. Since a long time back it was one of the best and attracted corporates like BMW, Hyundai, and Zumba. Now it has much more advanced features like flexible architecture, improved session management, standalone libraries, improved ORM and much more. With the code generation features, this CakePHP framework enables you in building the web application at a faster pace.


Yii framework is known to be one among the oldest PHP frameworks. It was lagging behind Laravel and Symfony, but soon after its latest Yii version 2.0, it is increasingly preferred by a majority of the enterprise grade web app developments. Yii is a high-performance framework which is best suited for developing web 2.0 applications. It is sufficient with features like scaffolding, MVC, caching, role-based access control, etc. Since Yii works well with third-party codes, it allows you to integrate other frameworks data into it.


The best part of this framework is that you don’t have to spend your time by learning it! Slim frameworks code base is so small that you will finish the entire code in just a few time span. Slim is an open source, sophisticated micro framework supporting encrypted cookies, flash messages, URL routing, best-in-class middleware architectures and much more. It is also known to be the fastest RESTful framework perfect for small rest APIs.


This is a powerful PHP framework, very developer friendly offering simple and easy to use simple solutions for developing complex applications. It requires nearly zero configuration along with no supports. It’s exceptionally fast and features rich set of libraries, simple interface, and logical structures. It supports a base system that is both lean and agile.


Expressive, Zend, Silex, FuelPHP, Aura, Phalcon, the list of frameworks is just endless. And each of those frameworks has their own qualities in place. Which framework best fits your business completely depends on the requirements of the application you intend to develop, infrastructure, the developers in your team and a lot of other factors. 

WhatsApp Clone

Agriya is all set and geared up to fascinate every mobile savvy people, shortly with its recent ongoing evolvement for the iOS platform script, namely “BlaberChat”, a WhatsApp Clone. Online mobile chatting is almost proving to be inevitable for many people wide across the globe. With a steady and consistent increase in the count of users, it is going only one way and that is upwards.

It’s no wonder that online mobile chatting has been a remarkable success, the reason being the engaging grip it was able to strike among its users. With a large number of online mobile applications already having set the bar high, Agriya is stepping forward to assist every entrepreneur to realize their dream of establishing a high selling business, by its new WhatsApp clone - BlaberChat.

Motive behind the development

Agriya has always wanted to render its customers with a product, which empowers them to meet the higher standards prevailing in the market. Therefore, we settled to clone an application which is critically acclaimed as the best online chatting application. One such application which needs no introduction is “Whatsapp”.

WhatsApp is ruling the online chatting platform globally with astonishing figures of user demographics and whopping revenue.

What to expect from?

We have replicated exactly a vitalizing application which offers all the fundamentals and at the same time every crucial functionalities of its predecessor. We thrive on various success formulas in building up a mobile application such as scalable graphics, excellent user interface, and sensible ergonomics. Rightfully so, we have come forth with all such technicalities too.

What’s so special about BlaberChat?

Blaber chat comes in with some additional attributes which will prove to be very advantageous.

It enables you to perform an effective image cropping
Give your image a better orientation and composition by making use of the impressive aspect ratio.

An intense Facebook synchronization is there for everyone to experience

During the time of activation,  you can significantly fetch all of your Facebook profile details.

Extended range of video file sharing up to 50 mb

In any online chatting application,  extended file sharing facility was always seen as an unresolved challenge.  Now,  with blaber chat you can get to share a video file of larger size up to 50 mb.

Get ready to be blown away by the number of offers

Here is the big deal that we have come forward with,  to complement the first 20 of our customers

1. An assured 50% offer on the product rate.

2. A post purchase technical support, free of cost for 6 months.

3. Free upgradation for a period of 1 year.

4. A total costless installation on your respective server. And to go along with that, we make it easier even further by taking care of  the submission charges required for the iOS store.

Final words

Bear in mind of all the aforesaid things. No more waiting in the wings, as the initiative for your entrepreneurial aspirations is about to show up very soon.

freelance platform script update

Agriya's excellent Getlancer scripts, Freelance bidding, Quote, Jobs and Portfolio, all got  updated to provider further enhanced services. These updates include a fine mix of error fixes and new features and are based upon valuable feedbacks from our clients.

Listed below are few major highlights:

• Fixes with regard to transition between the translation manage pages at the admin's end

• More characters allowed for the "Project Description"

• Optimization of data queries in the "User Dashboard" page and all the sub-tabs

• Displaying of maps in the refined map search for the  freelancer, project and jobs listing pages.

• Corrections with regard to the Portfolio List API calls.

• Caching error fixed that prevented send and withdraw request.

• Addition of auto-complete loader for address fields in  Post a Job, Post a Project, Request a Quote, Registration and Profile edit pages.

• Error fixes with regard to Disputed project not moving automatically to the "Waiting For Administrator Decision"; "Post a Project" page not opening through pjax click; Portfolio listing JSON error when Portfolio Favorite plugin is disabled; Job listing API error when Job Favourite plugin is disabled; Search Page not opening (If Project plugin is not available), while clicking the header search icon from dashboard page and many more.

• Proper displaying of "Total Payment", when choosing "Featured"/"Mark as Urgent" in Post a Projects and Post a Jobs pages.

Take a look at the demo of their product here,
freelance platform demo

                                     Demo of Getlancer - Freelance Platform Script from Agriya

Apart from these, many functions have been enhanced with further updates. Go ahead and make use of the excellent upgraded versions of the Getlancer scripts and create flawless freelancer websites.

PHP is a scripting platform in which clients can seek out any number of expert programmers from any part of the world. PHP happens to be a wider platform having multiple numbers of frameworks deployed on it. Hence the quality and type of PHP web development services a user or customer receive may vary depending on various factors such as the ability of programmers, cost, and region so on. Many a PHP web development company in India is noted for providing exceptional services to customers worldwide. India is the most sought after destination to hire PHP developers, for it brings clients various benefits, and some essentials are discussed in this article. 

Reasonable costs

One of the attractive features of hiring a PHP developer from India is economical pricing for web development services. Getting a high quality PHP developer in other parts of the world is a bit costlier than that in India. Indian web developers excel in quality and are all accessible for low prices. The cost-effective PHP web development services lure small, medium as well as large scale clients to India. Clients can save up to 60% web development costs by choosing a PHP development company or freelance PHP website builder from India.  
Universal exposure 

A good number of PHP developers in India are real professionals and they have excellent exposure to highest standards of programming. There are companies in India which cater php programmers as per the cost and abilities set by the clients. Expert developers on specific PHP platforms like Laravel, Cake PHP, YII, and Slim are readily available. Nearly 80% of PHP website builders in India have international accreditation and certificates. They have proven their excellence in developing dynamic and customized websites, due to the universal exposure to changing and advanced PHP coding. 


Work timings of PHP programmers are largely flexible. Customers can hire them for hourly, part-time or even full-time work basis. Some freelance programmers keep their work live according to the time specified by the clients. The flexibility of work timings enables PHP developers to accomplish their tasks on time by offering clients cost as well as time advantage. Indian web developers work regardless of time-zones to keep their productivity close to global standards. 


The greatest disadvantage PHP programmers all over the world face is a serious lag in communication. Programmers who have exceptional programming skills may stand back in terms of communicating with the clients. More than 50% of PHP web developers in India are good at communication, and providing assistance to clients by means of various social media platforms and other phone-in options. 

Reliable support  

PHP website builders in India provide authentic and reliable customer support. All the prominent PHP web development companies in India provide 24*7 after sale support to retain their valuable clients. Within the minimum time, Indian PHP developers offer technical support to clients to deliver finest services. All these facets contribute to the emergence of hire a PHP web developer service in India. 

How to speed up the performance of CakePHP?

In the field of web development, especially the developers who are all working with the CakePHP framework are facing some serious problems. Even though, this framework of PHP is the best in terms of supporting and security. There are issues to be taken care to speed up the CakePHP framework. Here are some tips to enhance the speed of CakePHP performance.

Update your CakePHP to the latest version

To derive the optimum results from the CakePHP framework, then you have to update it with the latest version released from the originators. Advanced technologies always give you an enriched result. It’s also applied to CakePHP framework as well.

Once you update the version from 1.2 to 1.3, you can experience the increase in loading speed at around 70%. It is also preferable to upgrade the CakePHP to version 2.3X. It is even better for getting enhanced and enriched CakePHP based website performance. Deliver the best outcome with the advanced version available in CakePHP with enhanced speed and reduced loading time.

Set default to the Debug option in CakePHP

If the debug option is disabled, it greatly escapes the site from the loading time. Being a CakePHP developer, ensure that you have turned off the debug. By disabling, it helps to eliminate the error message whenever new request come to the project. It greatly helps to load the website quickly.

Instead of Apache install Nginx

Apache is a process-based server, whereas, the Nginx is the most useful server for your CakePHP projects. It exclusively handles the new request without requiring more memory space. 

It protects and optimize the CakePHP from heavy web traffic. Consider Nginx for your CakePHP project as it is extremely good, fast, consume little memory (say 20-30m) and many more. Nginx server is inbuilt with more options that help to handle the speed issues without disturbing the activities.

Memory based caching

Memory based caching is the best way to increase and enhance the speed of any CakePHP site. Whenever the query is executed, the PHP will get the related files by opening and decoding it to furnish the accurate result. This, of course, consumes more memory space which automatically reduces the site speed. If we access the information through the memory than using disk I/O function, it enhances the site speed instead of consuming more resources that diminish the site speed.

Disable the recursing find statements

The production time crash may occur when the find statements are performed without disabling the recursing status or set to 0. The major aspect in CakePHP which reduces the speed is processing time.

Most of the developers would have totally forgotten about this simple thing which consumes more processing time whenever the find queries are executed. It takes more time for searching, performing and creating an associated array for executing the find statement every time.

Speeding your CakePHP (reverse) routing

CakePHP may be a speedy framework, but even then there are some situations which might slow down the speed of the site. It also includes when the site requires numerous dynamic links for responding request.

Instead of providing generated URL’s, the router will automatically create them over and over again. This greatly reduces the request time tremendously. This is why the CakePHP developers have to take care of speeding up the reverse routing system.

Final word

Make sure that you have done aforesaid all enhancements with the CakePHP to improve its speed and performance.

 CakePHP as a PHP framework has gained its importance in the recent years. It has grown into a full-fledged platform to create powerful applications with the support of emerging communities all over the world. A CakePHP developer, be it a beginner or expert in the realm, will look for certain resources for assistance while developing certain applications. There are many authentic  web pages, communities, and excellent books to help cakePHP developers in this affair. Here we can look into the details of top five books on CakePHP, which developers may find very useful, while dealing with complex or simple projects.

This book exclusively covers all the typical processes developers need to create applications with CakePHP2. It has authentic tutorials that provide explanations to the developers about increasing the speed of their web development. The use of composer tools, creation of a local development server, customizing of route URL structures, proper utilization of CakePHP Auth component, accessing of control system, and ways to work with Crud plugins are comprehensively detailed in this book. By paying a certain amount every user can get this book over the web as well. It can be downloaded in the PDF format, and can be read using the various kindle versions.

The book describes all the fundamental blocks of creating CakePHP frameworks. Entire process to speed up all the routine tasks developers do with CakePHP 2 is depicted with proper explanations in this book. Users will find more than 60 recipes that are complete with calculated details of authentication routing, unit testing, and the other ABC of Cake PHP application building in this book. In addition to the fundamentals, a web developer can also find ways to maintain the database schema they work with from this book. The basic shell capabilities of this framework are also briefed with ample examples. The book is full of easy methods and is worth every penny you spend on it.

As the title itself indicates, this book is set in a different but very useful pattern. Users should note that this is an e book and is made available to Kindle versions for the easiness of use. The questions and answers to it are mainly based on the popular stackoverflow website. All the common questions asked by developers are simply explained. Users can do the browsing on various topics encompassing security traits, unit testing, validation, and even MySQL authentication. Users can extend their questions on many more related topics and trace out simple explanations to the point. It is an excellent book which all users will find worth using.

Even though, CakePHP has been introduced to the world of technology for more than 10 years before, novice developers find it hard to receive correct assistance from the expert developers, or from the community itself. The author of this book claims to bridge this gap between the novice and the expert. This book deals with installation as well as configuration steps for building CakePHP frameworks. Together with that it explains how to build to-do lists, complicated blog applications, and it even explains steps for creating advanced web templates. Professionals can also find worthy steps to create complex web applications with this book.

This book has a very good collection of examples well-knitted together to detail the process of unit testing in CakePHP as a whole. From the voice of its author in itself users can identify the effort which is taken to create this book. It has everything mentioned in a simplified format with clear cut examples. Developers who are confused while working with unit testing can seek out clear cut ideas from this book. It offers samples to fix bugs when developers implement unit testing. This book will indeed serve developers as a reference point on the unit testing process with CakePHP.


All these books named in the article are authentic, and every CakePHP developer can spot those as useful for their specified purposes. If you are more obsessed to CakePHP development, you can certainly trace out more worth reading resources on it over the web, as well as in local book stores. 

mistakes made by cakephp developers banner

Everything regarding the creation of a website or an application with CakePHP is super simple to an expert who knows even the minutiae of coding and development. Indeed, CakePHP is fantastic framework which allows developers a lot more possibilities. A beginner will have to spend some years of dedicated probe and toil for mastering CakePHP, and apply it with practical applications having no flaws. It requires a consistent amount of practice for a novice CakePHP developer to melt down the troubles occur with coding. Check out some tips to avoid such kinds of flimsy mistakes, right here.

Cake PHP has certain coding practices, follow it carefully to keep up the neatness of codes. Control structures are cases in point. A space should be followed between every parenthesis mentioned in the codes. Curly brackets are always advisable, and the most important thing is that starting brackets should be in the first line, especially when you begin with “if”. 

While dealing with CakePHP development, you should be sure that you have not added any unwanted traits into the website, typical things like navigation points, over use of graphics, or the unconventional layout position mentioning may bring troubles to you in the long run.  

The recursive level in CakePHP is by default set as one. It will be ideal only if a CakePHP developer plans to add Containable behavior. All expert CakePHP developers do perfect optimization of SQL queries to get the Containable behavior work to the default recursive level of CakePHP. For freshers it is advisable to set a the default recursive level higher to one.

URL structure of your website should be correctly optimized to produce the results that the SEO want. If the developer fails to include the much needed keywords in the URL structure things may get worse with CakePHP coding.

Like all other good PHP frameworks, CakePHP supports clean coding. If you have loaded your codes with too much of ‘if’  as well as ‘else’ classes within very function which is in need of ‘returns’ will make the program work so slowly. Write neat codes as per the tradition, then only you can produce fast results.

Quality assurance and testing should be done at the highest level with CakePHP. Here the arguments may sound up high that every application designed using any framework should be checked for errors, but with CakePHP each and everything dealing with security, and quality should be checked thoroughly.

The golden rule of coding with CakePHP is that do not repeat the same codes. If you have a logic to explain, publish it with the model files itself. Always develop the view code like the elements to keep up to this golden rule, instead of repeating the codes twice, and making the code sheet looks bulky.

Logically structure all the contents you want to be displayed in the websites while developing it. Flow as well as logic is very much needed for structuring contents for websites developed using CakePHP.

Always comment on all the included codes, especially with CakePHP Doc Blocks. While commenting on the codes, developers should also ensure one point which they adjusts all comments on to the left side. 


Neat codes that help applications work like a breeze is what users expect from the developers. CakePHP is really a fantastic framework which leads all programmers to accomplish it, only if did it in the right way. Follow the conventional coding pattern to work wonders with CakePHP development.

In growth and the current trend of advance technology, numerous PHP frameworks are available in a global market today.   Yet, using this framework will help developers to create projects rapidly with prolonged maintenance, scalability, better performance, high functionality and retain your code in a simple way.

Developers must focus on selecting unique framework based on the company’s requirements and needs. Here we see top-most PHP-frameworks, which help you to build any complex software or Agile applications in a smartest way.


It is a high-performance powerful PHP framework, which is especially designed to work with AJAX and ensures powerful caching support.  Developers can easily generate and customize base PHP code, which suits your requirements perfectly. This framework follows MVC pattern to build reusable and clean code, thus ensuring clear separation of the logic and presentation.
In addition, it supports you in writing and running unit test along with error handling facility and also designed to work with third party tools."


This framework enables CakePHP developers to build and manage every aspect of applications including user’s initial request to the final rendering of a web page in a seamless way. The framework is in-built with clean MVC conventions to guide the end-users in developing application and provides the basic organizational structure, which includes file names to database table names and retain your application consistently.

In addition, it comes with built-in tools and unique features such as database access, caching, authentication, translations to create effective web applications rapidly and ensures validation for SQL injection to maintain your application secured. 


It is one of most popular and expensive PHP web application frameworks among the Web Artisans. This framework is a perfect match for huge enterprise level applications and in-built with highly elegant syntax, which helps Laravel developers to finish their development task with all types of sizes and project easily.  It is integrated with unit testing support to ensure excellent work performance on MySQL and offers robust tools to develop large-scale application efficiently.

A unique thing about this framework, relives pain out of web development process by offering common tasks, such as routing, caching, sessions and authentication.


It is a PHP framework, which help you to accelerate creation and maintenance of web applications easily. Developers can make use of this framework and combined with a clear methodology to work on complex tasks efficiently and efficiently and it offers set of prefabricated components, which can be assimilated to your applications rapidly. 

Developers not confined within its environment. Yet instead having freedom of selecting the software components that you want to use.


It is a robust PHP framework, which perfectly suits for beginners to create full-featured web applications rapidly. This framework comes with simple and elegant platforms, which offer turnkey solutions for complex application requirements. It ensures a rich set of libraries for general task requirement with user-friendly interface and logical structures to access the libraries.

With help of MVC controller approach, CodeIgniter provides unique separation between logic and presentation that will be specifically useful for the projects in which designers working on template files.


It is a powerful and flexible micro framework that assists you to develop effective and dynamic web applications. The framework speed up web development toolkit to ensure high performance URL routing and cache engine, built-in code, which is used for supporting and highlighting multilingual applications.

Fat-Free is built-in with optional plug-ins to enhance its capabilities such as a template engine, Geo data handler, customer logger, unit testing toolkit and image processor. It avoids un-necessary complication and targets to strike a balance among codes, productivity and performance by taking minimalists approach to software architecture.

Final words

Developers can use any one of above mentioned frameworks if you are awaited to create effective Agile applications.  These frameworks speed up coding process of any project due to its stability and simplicity.

create restful api using cakephp
Before illustrating the development of a RESTful API with CakePHP, it will be worthy to consider two basic questions: what is a RESTful API? What is its use in the real world? Every CakePHP development company utilizes Restful APIs for the faster interaction between the client and the server. Here let us explore the basics a little.

RESTful API and its uses

A REST API is a group of functions utilized by the web developers to execute their server requests, basically through an HTTP protocol, namely GET or POST. These sets of functions are capable of evoking server responses so rapidly. Any programming language can make use of REST API, still it should satisfy the condition that the client and server must be independent one another. A RESTful API must be stateless and “Cacheable”.

REST as a term indicates “Representational state transfer”. To put it in very simple words, it stands as a kind of web architecture which makes smooth interaction between clients and servers possible via HTML protocol. In reality, Restful API is used by big players like twitter, facebook, and Google Translate for displaying the content to the user front with an improved client/server interaction, hence users can decide what to do with the content in a better way.

Tips to create a RESTful API with CakePHP easily?

1. The easiest way to trigger a REST is by setting up the router first.

2. To set the router add the relative lines of codes to the ‘resource routes’  configuration of the php file.

3. The router drafts REST requests made by the developers with all its logic to controller actions for the execution.

4. RESTful controllers, at times make use of parse extensions according to the types of requests it receives. Developers can create simple XML views for dealing with REST requests.

5. CakePHP has excellent pre-built JSON as well as XML views that a developer can easily resort to.

6. Utilize the pre-built XMLView to develop a “serialize view” variable.

7. By defining a serialize view variable, a developer can accurately convey the details of the variables to be serialized to XML. It reduces the functioning complexity of XMLView.

8. Entire modification of data should be completed before creating the serialize view variable. Once you convert the data to XML the defining of view variables may not be possible.

9. Once the view is defined, Cake\Routing\Router:extensions() a built-in CakePHP function will spontaneously identify the matches, and work accordingly without any effort.

10. Next is the creation of logic for the proper functioning of edit action.

11. CakePHP has classes such as Cake\Controller\Component\RequestHandler or other routing classes to help the developers in this affair. It has a valuable feature, $this->request->data to handle XML and POST data separately. Developers can ease through the edit action without altering the model codes. It is pretty simple by using CakePHP classes.

12. The beauty of REST API is that it is able to work with alternate data formats both as input as well as output. A well framed method, RequestHandler::addInputType() will assist web developers in this concern.

Bringing it altogether  

A developer can resort to other solutions like SOAP, other than REST for the creation of API. Still RESTful API is very simple in defining logic a developer has created in the application. REST works well having XML codes to the core and is more depended on HTTP headers. Above all, CakePHP has fantastic built-in classes, arrays, and methods to create RESTful APIs, as well.

yii framework for your business

These days, Yii framework is gaining more importance and massive popularity among the developers due to its dynamic approach and ultimate open source technology. It is web development framework and plays vital role in developing web based applications, which acquire heavy traffic on the browser. This framework is available at a reasonable cost and offers discrete merits to entrepreneurs and developers.

In addition, it performs a key role in handling error and designing Web 2.0 applications. It has potential to change the glance of web application development for coming technologies in the near future by deploying cutting edge solution with savvy developers in a YII development company.

Here we see some major merits of Yii framework to your business

Highly confidential secured core functionality: Every entrepreneur is afraid of site hackers and online criminals. So in-built security features of Yii framework upgrades the security level of your website to retain and prevent XSS issues, SQL integration issues, Cross-site scripting, and Cookie attacks at a bay from spiky viruses and codes. It provides excellent security for web based projects and prevents database from hacking and virus attacks with help of in-built high-security mechanisms.

Easy to configure:

It offers you convenient and simple installation process. Yii framework is one of the best platforms for web app development and allows you to follow configuration remarkably. In addition, it helps you to search various tutorials, books, and websites on the browsers, which guides and provides you detailed information on how to setup configuration and use the framework.

Impressive Growth: 

In reality, this framework is flexible and more compatible based on current trend and needs of a growing business and tackle to nail it even under huge traffic pressure effectively. Further, it provides you high powerful functionality and malleable tool for a website development.

Advanced Caching system:

It is one of most significant factor offers a cache management system, which allows you to save both SQL/Active and static data record quires, thus reducing time in lots of page loading. In addition, the system ensures massive user experience and retains customers.

Social media friendly: 

These days, social media marketing has gaining more crucial for every business in a digital world. It offers you direct access to APIs that formulates logical integration of social media modules, which plays a vital role in spreading out global reach of your website.

Effective community support: 

Yii offers you user-friendly and helpful community, which not only provide you quick start and gives you joyful experience with its programming code. It helps you in writing reusable code at extreme level and the community performs a vital role in resolving coding errors of project-related issues quickly. It allows you to directly connect to social channels via web-based IRC terminal.  

Bottom line

Yii framework is a unique resource for building web applications and provides you key benefits to run your business successfully. It also offers numerous advantages to the developers and enables them stay tuned to learn about technical factors.

Anyhow there are a lot of MVC based framework options which already used among web developers. CakePHP 3.0 is one of the leading open source project milestones foresee to its peers and stay tuned among the developers across the world due to its effective functionality of stunning features.

With a new version release of version 3.0, the entire innovation thought of a CakePHP development company is turn in to a top-rated solution.

Let us look out some major features of Cake PHP.

ORM Improvements

Numerous API changes are encountered by object-relational mapping (ORM) to make much simpler to acknowledge and authorize associations with saving operations. This aspect reduces the difficulties in the learning curve and avoiding confusion among new adoption process by customizing a few technical fault and system conventions. 

Themes and plug-ins merged

CakePHP 3.0 plays a vital role in creating dynamic themes that ensure high quality and better range. A mission towards working is that, it provides you a different unique experience while any plug-ins used as a theme. In addition, it acquires a dominant role in creating and simplifying the product packaging with advanced functional resources.

Enhanced components and helpers

A new Version 3 released enables the Flashhelper and FlashComponent to provide enhanced support for advanced select technology parameters to be involved in development of “flash messages”. To recharge it, you can configure cookie namespaces and controlling the process of data easily by using a CookieComponent. CakePHP 3 is applicable to manage development facilities quicker with high functionality.

Best proficiency

Version 3 ensures high performance for reverse routing process, which goes beyond the limit of the framework itself. CakePHP 3.0 offers a flexible caching layer that assimilates improvements to the bootstrap process, routing process and numerous parts of the process for generating helper templates that provide a strong indication for attacking the issues to developers using the framework.

Improved Session Management

Here after the necessity of managing sessions in CakePHP through a static class is not required. Now, the sessions can be accessed through the request object “$this->request->session ()” to call, evaluates and controls it in various routes by using the new version. This process undergoes with better cross-session response within the process by allowing CakePHP to use PHP unit4.x.

Improved consistency of conventions

It is a fascinating aspect that enables to retain the same directory structure for the application and plug-in skeletons that are updated to make it grievance to the entire system, which gives more consistency in proficiency wise.

Improved bug-fixing tool

Version 3.0 has been integrated with bug-fixing tool that provides turnkey solutions for solving new application errors rapidly and easily during development process stage.

Bottom Line

Here we discussed some major features of CakePHP 3.0 that provide flexible and turnkey solution for software developers to save their development time significantly. In addition, it also reduces the cost of software development and ensures dynamic results in website development.

New Features in Laravel 5.1

Beautiful codes crafted to fit in the purpose of developers who have an intense urge for creating faultless websites rapidly, are what Laravel as a platform signifies. From its date of introduction, way back in 2011 Laravel has undergone many updates. Each addition contributed to its flexibility and made it robust in all facets. Just a week before Laravel 5 features have been extended to improve its performance, and the new version is titled as Laravel 5.1. Let us check out some vital modifications made to Laravel 5 that can assist a Laravel development company in multiple ways.

Event broadcasting

In Laravel5.1 programmers can find a new tool for broadcasting events out to Instead of, developers can resort to the Redis based too. and Socket make use of web sockets to establish a connection with the user’s web browser directly. It enables programmers to push an event straightly to the user instead of reloading a page many times. The 5.1 version comes out with a Should Broadcast interface and a much refined Broadcast On method for adding the flexibility of broadcasting events.

Passing of parameters to Middleware

One of the main difficulties that occurred while using Laravel 5 was the passing of parameters to the Middleware. The route filters in Laravel 5 were not well set to handle the passing of parameters to Middleware. With the modifications done to the base codes, Laravel 5.1 has been improved to take parameters passed to the Middleware as well.

New improved Artisan commands

Artisan commands were added to the directory of Laravel to ease the functionality of every application and its interactivity. It is all out of the box commands which increase the flexibility of this platform while developing applications. Still the creation of arguments and calling of complex methods with operators was a tedious task for programmers with older versions of Laravel. Now Laravel 5.1 has simplified syntax which allows programmers to create commands, progress bars, as well as tables very easily.

Blade Service Injection

Programmers had to create separate View Composers for injecting objects into the blade templates, while using Laravel 5. In Laravel 5.1, developers can easily inject an object into the line of codes of Blade templates. Then the codes look nice, crisp, and more understandable,

Renovated Integration Testing

Integration testing is done to find out errors in the functioning of an application as an integrated unit. The new version of Laravel showcases immense emphasize in offering the best classes and methods to do integration testing of applications in the form of Model factories, Database Migrations, and Database transactions. This version even offers programmers to enable testing without Middleware Trait operator as well. Now the classes and methods will seem much shorter, and effective in Laravel 5.1 with superior features.

Long time support & other random updates

5.1 will be the first version of Laravel to offer a long time support. Adding to the core, this new framework has options to exclude routes from CSRF Middleware, run third party scripts without SSH, and some Elixir improvements to help better compiling of ECMA Script6.

tips to improve cakephp development

CakePHP developed by Cake Software Foundation is a remarkable open source web framework. This Rapid Application Framework is written in PHP by maintaining the Model View Controller approach. A developer, versatile or amateur, may come across many unpredictable errors while running a PHP program. The response, CakePHP developers get at the time of running an application might not be 100% correct owing to some amendable errors in codes. Designers, whom are serious about faultless coding, rectify it at the root level for getting fine results. Let us look into some steps that can improve your CakePHP development.

Keep the $validate array on

Developing of record files or updating of record files may end with some irritating errors while we work in CakePHP. After the completion of coding, developers go for file validations and then it will start notifying errors. Correcting such errors one by one is a major issue all programmers face with PHP. By keeping the $validate array on while developing or modifying record files save a lot of time in the run time of programs. A programmer can easily spot wrong entries by keeping the validate function on.

Be cautious while managing tables

To manage the tables correctly, designers have to know the basic information about the tables. There are times a developer finds hard to work with tables for a minor fail in getting the basic information. Just add: pr($this->ModelName->schema()) to your codes, and collect all the needed information about the table. Again, many programmers face strange issues when they modify the data in the table. For that they should work according to a predefined format, or delete all the cache files from the list by adding: app/tmp/cache. The steps are too simple to avoid usual issues that occur while dealing with tables.

While creating pages without using models

For adding new static pages quickly, a CakePHP developer need not have to set a dedicated controller and define separate action for each page in codes. CakePHP has an option to reduce this tedious action. The developers can simply develop their views inside the pages folder itself and get the action called for all the pages at the runtime.

Rectify the errors happens with Save()

You have followed all the guidelines rightly mentioned in the CakePHP manual, still you find some errors at the time of saving files. Developers can easily spot it and rectify it by including pr($this->validationErrors) as a command in coding. Still you find the function returns no true values, you can add before Save() command in your app model. The function will definitely return all the errors before saving the files. Both functions are extremely helpful to return errors, and help save() work properly.

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Rapidly improved to the older versions of PRADO, Yii 2 has amassed every trait of a modern PHP framework within a short time span, since its introduction. The term is pronounced as the typical “Yee” and it is the reduced form of “Yes it is”. It belongs to the order of Model View Controller Framework similar to those found in Laravel, Symphony, and CakePHP so on. Even though the framework is brand new, a Yii developer achieves faster speed and perfection for his development due to the modern cutting edge technologies added to the core coding. Yii is undoubtedly a fantastic platform for creating web 2.0 based applications. Here is an attempt to analyse how Yii 2 framework happens to be an effective tool in the hands of business web developers?

Saves a lot of money and time

A good platform should save the money and time of development process. Yii has updated automation services compiled in the Gii module. It demands only limited number of developers to complete a task with greater efficiency.

Safe and secure codes

No business entrepreneurs will like to see their websites getting hacked by some unknown sources. SQL integration of Yii codes are very difficult to breach. Yii has separate Cookie Attack prevention to ensure top class protection. The XSS and cross-site scripting are brilliantly configured to prevent a website from getting hacked. There are many other PHP frameworks that offer very good security. Still Yii 2 is a step-ahead in  terms of security.


Additions or changes can be made to the core codes of Yii framework without any trouble. This framework in all means is extensible. Another important aspect of this framework is the fact that it supports heavy traffic which comes to a website. A website or application developed in Yii platform seldom keeps customers in the queue, even if heavy traffic occurs.

Robust cache components

XCache and Memcache are included in the cache mechanism of Yii framework. These additions are extremely helpful for the developers to maintain a proper data of the clients. Both components in Yii cache promote the performance of websites. A developer rarely spots platforms similar to Yii with such improved components to help website development.

Superb Social media Integration

In the current business scenario, it is hard to think of advancing in business without the aid of social media platforms. All the modern PHP platforms support social media integration to a large extent and Yii is not an exception to the point. Yii comes with improved APIs that can make all the popular social media platforms added to the website development with so much ease and perfection.

Configuration at its best

Simple and logical configuration which offers space for the developers to include extensions as they wish is another exciting feature of Yii. Yii itself provide a good number of useful extensions for a developer. The real merit of this simple configuration exhibits at the time of testing. The testing can be done at a lightening pace with this new improved Yii 2 codes.

Yes it is the finest on trend!

If you consider similar competing platforms such as Laravel, CakePHP, or even Symphony with Yii, you will find that all these platforms share common traits namely excellent community support, third-party application compatibility so on. Yii 2 excels in terms of supreme extensions, simple configuration, and safety features to a large extent. Have not you tried Yii2 frame work yet? Get the best out of it at the earliest.

Laravel 5 is one of the most leading and popular PHP frameworks among the Web Artisans. It is a latest and best web application framework with advanced query syntax  that makes web development simple and rapid by enabling general tasks that will be used in the majority of web projects such as route, queue, sessions, caching and authentication.

 Let us discuss some latest features of Laravel 5 in briefly:

The following features serve as a key point for the Laravel developer based on web development projects.

 Controller Method Injection:
The Laravel inversion of control (IoC) container is a robust tool for controlling class dependencies and a vital part to create a massive application. You may now type-hint dependencies on controller methods, then a service container will automatically inject the dependencies. With the predecessors of laravel like 4.2 version, there is a compulsion to request Ioc container to make them accessible within the class scope. Also you should provide an class instance for the ioc container. Recently, you can convey the type hinted class in the controller method injection,  then the IoC container will take care of it, even if multiple parameters are present in your controller function’s signature.

Route Hidden:
You can use the new route cache, if the service request built-in with complete tester programs. It speeds up your registration routes of applications with a reliable  performance quickly by accessing Artisan command. This kind of special feature is mainly useful in application and haste-up the section of appliance immensely. You may not view the impact route caching when your application deals with a small number of routes, but it is more suited with the application that has large routes number. The route-caching turns on and off based on PHP artisan route: cache and artisan route: clear commands respectively.

Route Middleware:
The Laravel 5 reinforces HTTP Middleware that can add extra layers to HTTP routes. It helps you to execute every route or specific route in your application and provides a constant link to swap various kinds of streams. The Middleware lets you test and remove request easily earlier accessing the artisan route.

Directory Structure:
Your classes are completely namespaced by integrating the PSR-4 auto-loading standard with a new folder structure of the Laravel.  Controllers, Middlewares and Requests are three sections of classes listed with in the directory of laravel 5.0 . These classes are completely related to the Hyper text transfer protocol transport application layer. You can receive a single and flat file of route filters, if the Middlewares broken into own class files. A new directory can replace the app/start files by accessing previous versions of Laravel 4.x. Using Laravel 5 different bootstrapping functions can be accessed to your applications such as, route loading, and error handling,  logging which makes additional service providers for such kind of your application.

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