With an ongoing craze to systematize events & hasten their progress, Agriya fits the bill with its clear & concise Event Management Solution. 

Event-organizing reminds us of an endless list of unmanageable tasks & processes. It includes chalking out details with plans, organizing booking details, adding & managing tickets and finally but most importantly keeping the team informed at regular intervals. Most event planners have a hard time fetching a reliable plan for conferences, meetings & big organizational events. 

To solve these inevitable problems, the event ticketing solution from Agriya comes up with quite a deal of unique traits. Here we outline some of the features of this indispensable Event Booking Solution:

Create Personalized events

With this solution, users can create their own events by adding a new name to the event & a short meaningful description. All categories of events can be created.The events should include an appropriate schedule. Event-Maps may also be created and uploaded. Events should be accompanied by a ticket booking system.

Ensure safe online payment

You can avail a reliable payment facility with Paypal as the online transaction gateway. It is extremely beneficial to use the wallet system as well since it is convenient and fast.

Choose your language

It is a relief when you can interact in a preferred language, right? Well, This solution helps you find your comfort-zone and interact in the language of your choice.

Manage on a real Time Basis

The system of tickets booking is managed online on a real time basis. Once the tickets are booked or purchased, it is instantly updated in the system which can be accessed, viewed and managed by the administrator. Also, emails are forwarded to the customers instantly on receipt of bookings.

Control & customize

The administrator may avail full control of the settings and can personalize according to his convenience. The admin can control activities of users and bookings from his profile as and when required.

Install in a blink of eye

The software is easy to install as we provide all the necessary back up to guide you conveniently through the process. All the essential details and codes are emailed to the customer following which he is furnished with directions and guidelines to proceed with the installation process.

Avail Digital Wallet System

The digital wallet system is a feature which can be availed by users for instant, hassle-free payments. The users can deposit some amount in the wallet for a secure and instant payment. This feature is used by a vast majority of customers to avoid last minute hassles.

Final Word

If you have growing needs to accelerate your event management business then we ensure that nothing could be more rewarding than this. Quite presumably, this is the most desirable thing for all organizations worldwide, owing to the perennial need of organizations to conform to time zones. You can certainly help event-plans thrive better with it. So get your hands on our simple solution for your upcoming ventures & experience the convenience.