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These days, everlasting changes and promotions taking place in the world of information technology that is enrolling at a breakneck pace so challenge has become for every business to turn into digital business for enhancing their growth by using sophisticated technologies. In today's world of competition, web application development plays a vital role in IT industry and provides a significant planning to stimulate and satisfy business needs.

AngularJS is a structural Javascript web application framework that keenly focuses on development of browser based applications. It is a dynamic tool that is used in AngularJS development services. This intelligent software allows web developers to create web applications with attractive features in a short span of time. It gains more significant among developers and ensures massive user experience to the web user and potential customers.

Let us look out some key features of the Angular JS in web development.

Powerful and FlexibleAngularJS is recognized as one of the most leading platforms for creating scalable applications that can be used in various mobile devices. Further, it allows you to test, deploy, code, structure and manages rapid changes when creating a single page application. The mechanism of website development can be disassembled into well-classified elements by using the intelligent web software.

Results in Skillfulness at a reasonable time
It is a next generation framework and robust platform, which has ability to form a growing community of highly skilled professionals who are able to help in fixing development related issues. This framework creates high-performing, maintainable, and efficient new-age applications in a seamless way and offers valuable experience to its end users. In addition, it maintains proficiency in developing web applications since browsers and mobile platforms are building up importance in an online world.

Creates sophisticated Applications
This framework enables developers to create dynamic and advanced application that makes challenges in the future. These days most of the desktop browsers such as FireFox, Chrome, Opera and Google Chrome are gaining more significance in an online world. Similarly mobile operating platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry are getting more advanced and robust. You can develop high quality and scalable application particularly for these platforms and browsers in a seamless way by using Angular JS.

Delivers Prolonged service aspect
It makes much easier for developers to create single page applications with delightful interactive features by addressing problems and difficulties during the development process. This framework offers a tool that has some quirks to be resolves as it grows and feels like you are working with advanced technology to launch more advanced versions such as JavaScript and TypesScript extensions. It improves growth of the world reckoned companies like Sony, NASA, MSNBC, etc.

Offers Extensibility
It is an innovative framework for web application development. The main goal of Angular JS is to create single page applications with scalability and cutting-edge solutions. It provides adequate support for templates and facilitates code sharing when it comes to two-way data binding. It also acquires promises for asynchronous, directives-reusability and can be used with any web framework to create an application with other technologies that’s why it is considered to be the most preferred software for the businesses.

Final word

AngularJS  framework will acquire a dynamic platform that boost-up Angularjs development solutions and offers unique user experience in creating the single page application. Among various web development tools Angular JS shows ideal, scalability, vibrancy and consistency in developing best web browser applications.

Still a newbie to AngularJS? Looking forward to learning this open source web application framework in a smart way? If so, nothing could stop you from becoming an AngularJS developer, with the availability of multiple online tutorials.

AngularJS, in recent times, has been gaining a wide range of popularity, especially in the development of dynamic web applications with the use of JavaScript and HTML. Maintained by Google and individual developer community, this framework, which follows the MVC and MVVM architectures, offers developers to easily design client side applications.

Any attempt to browse the web to find the best tutorials to learn AngularJS will only make the aspiring learners a confused lot, as there are too many tutorials for you to pick up. However, the below-mentioned tutorials are arguably the best, so try them out!

Tutorials point

A well-arranged pattern of concepts is important for starters to learn AngularJS easily. On Tutorialspoint, each and every Angular component is divided into specified sections. Right from 'overview' to 'internalization', the learning flow would be smooth. Another advantage is that in each section, the learner can have access to suitable examples and live demo. To make the learning process more easy and interesting, Questions and Answers section, Quick Guide section, and Useful Resources section are added.


Learning by coding gives you an hands-on experience. If that is what you are exactly interested in, then say thanks to Marcin Wosinek. His Tutorial on Codeacademy can be really helpful for you to learn about Angular basics. Also, you get to learn about controllers, services, filters and also directives. On all these topics, you are provided with explanations, instructions.

Here, every topic on Angular is separated into 12 parts. A brief but highly useful explanation is presented in each part. Also present is tickable useful readings. Going for this tutorial will give you lots of insights into subject. The reading materials, which come from various sites and Angular official documentation, are mixed up.


GitHub is another source for you to learn Angular. The guides and cheatsheets are really useful. You can get a standardized approach, professional styles, comprehensive style guide to AngularJS. A complete tutorial to learn the basics of AngularJS is also available on GitHub.

The site is very useful for learning AngularJS. You can check the menus 'Learn' and 'Develop' for gaining access to the abundantly available Videos, Free course, Tutorial, Case studies, Developer guide, API reference, etc. Having maintained by Google, the site is certain to help you in acquiring great knowledge in Angular.

This is by far the best tutorial and teaches even the basics of AngularJS. Written by Todd Motto, it is a 10,000-word extensive tutorial. The Google Developer Expert's tutorial consists of 14 topics. Some of these topics that are explained in a lucid manner include Engineering concepts in JavaScript, modules, controllers, form validation, and so on. And for further reading, Useful resources are offered.


This is one tutorial that you must checkout. The numerous videos Egghead offers aren't to be missed, that too if you are very passionate about mastering AngularJS. Interestingly, the videos are short, allowing the learner to get a better understanding of every little topic. Below to the video are the code and discussion. For higher and advanced learning, you can avail pro subscriptions, which come with a cost for you to pay.


Apart from the above mentioned 7, numerous other tutorials are available for AngularJS. Any beginner has to first make an analysis of the resources and start learning the ropes. Over time, it would be easy to gain mastery over Angular.

AngularJS has become the choice of framework for the most of the web developers who aspire to design a web application in a dynamic manner. In case, if any angularjs developer is going to start on an AngularJS project, they may be in need of numerous tools to develop your website in a full-fledged manner.

To ease the burden of developing the web application with AngularJS, here are some 15 awesome tools for testing, front-end development, IDE editor, text editor, elite libraries, extensions, modules, code generator, Grid tools, to name a few.

Exclusive Testing tools for AngularJS


When Protractor, an end-to-end test framework, clubbed with AngularJS, it avails a fully automated testing in a lifestyle manner. It tests your application by running it in a real browser. It works with the great technologies like WebDriver, Mocha, jasmine, Node.js, selenium, and cucumber.

It automatically communicates with the AngularJS application, once all the pending tasks of the web pages are completed. So, you don’t need to use a wait or sleep command for your testing.


Jasmine is a Behavior Driven Development framework, which is specially created for JavaScript users. It basically gives functions to structure your testing and also maintain it till the end. Any kind of testing can be accomplished with a single all-in-one package, which is the major advantage of using Jasmine for testing your application in a streamlined manner.

One single disadvantage in this framework is that it does not know on which platform (browser) it is running. This can be easily eliminated when it works hand-in-hand with Karma.

Karma is a test runner when combined with Jasmine, a test framework, helps to test the application effectively.

Front-end development tool of AngularJS

Code orchestra

It is an absolute front-end development tool which helps to build and test your web application. You can write code in the real-time, COLT alters the code by providing suggestion and save the code written in the same format. The edited code will be automatically reflected on the working application with the help of this tool.

Most needed Integrated development environment (IDE) editor tools


Webstorm is an excellent code editor which completely understands the project and provide a high-quality coding for any kinds of website creation. It gives support to all modern and latest technologies for web development. Every web development which uses this IDE tool, it integrates well with every single detail and streamlines the workflow of website creation.


Aptana is an integrated development environment which helps to create a web application in an agile manner. For using this IDE editor tool in AngularJS, you need to activate AngularJS Eclipse extension from the Eclipse marketplace.

Lightweight Text editors of AngularJS

Sublime text

The handy text editor tool for the AngularJS web developers is Sublime. It helps to reach the destination point in the coding sections with shortcuts or a few keystrokes. It is highly adaptable and customizable for any kind of programming environment. It also helps to split the editing as per your inclination. Switch between the projects with ease, all its modifications will be saved automatically in the respective projects.


For all the front-end developers of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, CodePen is the perfect editor tool. This tool minimizes the work of tedious web development process of creating, testing and perfecting front end of the website. It is a collaborative live code environment.

Web developers can take a live view on the cross platform eminently. It has in browser code editor which automatically uploads multiple files quickly. This aspect assists the web developers to create a new pen of coding in a few seconds.

The best libraries in AngularJS

Angular Fire

Creating back-end of your AngularJS application has become very easy with the help of the AngularFire. AngularJS binding for Firebase is formally supported by AngularFire. Firebase is a cloud-based platform that can be easily integrated with the real-time application and create back-end quickly.

When the Firebase and AngularFire are combined, it is helpful to synchronize the data at a faster pace and provide excellent user management services. It also renders a three-way data binding, user authentication, and static hosting.


AngularJS is very famous for creating the single-page applications effectively. For creating those applications, we need a routing facility. This excellent AngularJS framework is built with a comprehensive UI component which is popularly known as ui-router. It helps to give an easy navigation and also change the view according to the state of the application and not just based out of route URL.

There are many more UI components in AngularUI, which uses raw directives like ui - maps, ui-calendar, and ui-Bootstrap. These UI components and directives can build your Angular website even faster.

UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap is an extraordinary AngularUI component that helps to create easy to use and comprehensible web applications for the smartphones. This UI component gives you a full power of Twitter bootstrap with native directives of AngularJS.

Extension of AngularJS


Create an inspection control pane to develop, debug and understand the AngularJS application with the complete assistance of ng-inspector extension tool. It is an outstanding browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

It easily interacts with your application and updates every real-time action in your application. It also sees the whole scope hierarchy, its models, types, and values. This tool also shows the highlighted DOM nodes when pointing to the respective scopes.

AngularJS Batarang

Debug your AngularJS application with the AngularJS Batarang, which is specially created for the Chrome extension. It assists you to improve your application performance. It also measures the progress of the application when tuning the performance.

Exclusive AngularJS modules


An exclusive AngularJS service is Restangular, which helps you to easily deal with the different kinds of requests like get, post, delete, and put the data from the database. It is ideal for all AngularJS applications that largely consumes data from RESTful API.

Generator Angular- A useful tool

Yeomen generator

You can easily start-up a project with sensible defaults and best practices. To establish such Angular application, the Yeomen generator tool is very helpful. It quickens the AngularJS application development process with just a few terminal commands. This tool is useful to

This exclusive generator will scaffold the application to know information about the project and helps in developing and testing the application.

A spectacular AngularJS Grid tool

Angular Deckgrid

Angular Deckgrid gives a high responsive and elite look to your application, which can adapt to the different portable devices. This Lightweight masonry-like grid is also helpful to create a flexible grid for showcasing the photos in an efficient manner.

To wind up, these are the most useful tools for creating any kinds of AngularJS web applications with ease. Make use of these tools for creating your future AngularJS projects in an effective manner.

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In the recent years, the use of AngularJS has increased drastically because of its varied features. However, complaints about AngularJS applications have also seen a rise. So how to address the issues like initial load time, user command responsiveness, etc.? Following some essential tips would be really helpful.

Tips to better the performance of AngularJS

Avoiding watchers:

When an AngularJS developer uses too many watchers, it can make the Angular app slow. Dirty checking is used for maintaining a track of the changes made in the app. So every watcher has to be gone through to check if any updation is required. AngularJS will need to re-run the digest cycle once more if one of the watcher is depended upon by an additional watcher. This will continue to happen till all the watchers are updated and that the app is stabilized.

Reduce or avoid using ng-repeat

ng-repeat creates poor performance. With 2000-2500 two-way bindings to watch, AngularJS gets slower. But if you still have to use it, then go for pagination or scrolling.

Use $watchCollection

Rather than using $watch with a 3rd parameter, use $watchCollection. If it is 2 parameters, $watch is fast. Though $watchCollection more or less acts like $watch, it checks just the first layer. Thus, the performance can be improved.

Backbench the functions using console.time

console.time, which is a wonderful API, is very helpful, especially when debugging issues. Also, it is preferable to use console.time call to profile, which required only a few variables. Additionally, sub-millisecond resolution is also provided.

Benchmark your watchers using Batarang

Batarang is really an awesome tool. It is very helpful in debugging Angular apps. Lots of highly features are offered in Batarang. Using it, addressing performance bottlenecks would be very easier.

Final words: 

Developing AngularJS apps would be easier and the performance can be greatly improved by following some useful tips. Some other tips for improving Angular performance include the use of Bind, avoiding repeated filters, debouncing ng-model and using Lodash.

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