Most of the web designers are looking out for dynamic frameworks with key features to enable their designing and development work simple.

HTML5 frameworks come forward with excellent performance across all web browsers and mobile applications.  It reduces the CSS work burden of HTML5 developer and improves site visibility. The major reason is that it offers exclusive features like specific structure tags, animations, browser support and so on.

Recently, a large number of HTML frameworks are available in the market and it flusters HTML5 developers mind to choose which one is best.  In order to avoid such issues, this article is going to list out only Top HTML5 Frameworks of 2015. Let us discuss it in a brief manner.
Now it is time to get started, if you are a web designer and planning to work on HTML5.

Ionic  is an amazing framework and powerful open source front-end system for creating stunning mobile apps with advanced web technologies like CSS, HTML and JS.  It has been formulated to operate rapidly on all mobile devices and ensures simple functionality with tons of mobile components.

You can create, test and deploy your ionic apps based on any platform by using a single command.  Moreover, this framework offers set of Angular directives (custom  HTML elements) for it’s own components, thus enabling it as easy to write an HTML code line. Similar to directives, it uses view animation logic, asynchronous communication, Angular’s touch recognizers and HTML sanitation.

It is a simple HTML starting framework that assists you create HTML5 starting boilerplate easily and rapidly by choosing the parts as you like. You can develop your own customizable front-end boilerplates according to your project requirements by using this Siimpler. Web designers can launch a web project by using the files and folders of this framework in a seamless way. 

Foundation is a most leading sophisticated responsive front-end framework in the globe and compatibile with all web browsers and devices. It has mobile-friendly user interface and acquires ton of components to assist you create a responsive site perfectly and rapidly. It comes forward with key features such as HTML, CSS UI components, templates, code snippets and responsive grid containing buttons, forms, typography, navigation and so on.

LimeJS is a best platform and powerful framework for developing games with user-experience for all latest desktop browser and touch-screens. It ensures better functionality, rapid development process for online games and suitable with all browsers and touch-screens.


Enyo is an open source JavaScript framework that allows you create world-class quality HTML5 apps across various electronic devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop, TV and web applications. It acquires the powered apps for most popular phone companies.

Final word:
This article speaks about unique functionality, operations, needs and performance of Top HTML5 frameworks availability in a HTML development company.