Zocdoc clone script

Agriya strives to satisfy the necessities of today’s ever demanding technology realm through unexcelled software practices and prerequisite upgrades that guarantees fulfillment and sustainability. We scrutinize not the frequency but relevancy, yet endeavor to deliver radical solutions more steadily. Proving once again this amenability, Agriya introduces the advanced upgraded version of Zocdoc clone script

Agriya’s ABS Script is a ready-to-deploy solution built with a vision to help people find doctors, thereafter scheduling the appointments effortlessly. ZocDoc clone script comprises all the significant ingredients of an advanced doctor appointment booking platform and hence the best choice for anyone who covet the same. 

Here Is What You Can Expect

The updated ZocDoc clone script is more of a perfected version with some added features to bring out the best possible outcome. Below mentioned the standout factors of the updated ABS script.

Bug Fixes 

Current ABS script update fixes all the existed errors and bugs and thereby ensures precision and quality, an inimitable user experience itself. Earlier, issues were identified with doctor-patient appointments, receiving notifications, Appointment setting, and modification. These bugs are fixed along with the Doctor search fixes. 

Personalised Mail Format 

Traditional SMS and mail approach were incapable of generating an impression of personification as it constitutes merely some pre-built templates. Agriya’s new update on ZocDoc clone script incorporates this advanced feature “SMS mail content”, which allows the doctors to customize the SMS as well as the Email content, thereby adding more human traits to the same. 

Authentic Medical History 

Added this new feature that allows any existing patients to conveniently update their medical history anytime. It offers them great control over their data, moreover, it provides the doctors with updated patient information which in turn helps them to better plan and executes their approach much accurately. 

Adaptable Form Fields 

Conventional form fields were pre-established and it offered only limited information. This new upgrade on ZocDoc clone script enables the doctors to include additional fields to the respective forms in accordance with their requirements. Above all, with all these relevant data, doctors can finally come up with a better solution that delivers better results. 

Final words 

Agriya’s updated doctor appointment booking script is a well refined, handy version with a significant amount of fixes and added features. The same ABS script is built considering both patients as well as doctors and has never ignored any possibility to supplement innovation. It resolves any germane niche market challenges, thus, can be the best pick for anyone who looks for a cutting-edge online doctor appointment booking platform.    

Now, you can avail this ABS script via three subscription packages, advanced, pro and pro+. You can make use of all the basic features by utilizing the advanced package, whereas the pro and pro+ is feature-rich packages that combine all the supplementary features.