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Ever since the advent of smartphones, the term 'apps' has become ubiquitous. On a smartphone, why go to the browser and access the website? Rather, downloading the app and using it is much simpler. That's the talk that happens among various groups and circles.

Speaking on a serious note, it has to be said that so much of hard work goes into the development of mobile apps. Assuming that you have heard of HTML5 mobile application development, Native and Hybrid application development, let us see some detailed comparison between them and which is to be used.

HTML5 Mobile app development

The typical and standard technologies that are put to use by leading HTML5 developers in the development of HTML5 apps include HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Since the HTML5 applications can run on any platform, they are said to follow write-once-run-anywhere approach.

Despite the fact that sophisticated apps can be created using HTML5 and JavaScript, there exist some constraints. Issues related to sessions management, access to native device functionality and reliable online storage need to be addressed.

Basically, an HTML5 mobile app is a web page or a collection of them. These are particularly designed to work on a small screen. Users will not have the native look and feel. Also, they would not be able to use their familiar compound gestures.

Developing HTML5 apps is easier. The real problem faced by the developers is when they try to create in such a way that it fits the prospective screen size.

HTML5 development, when compared to Native app development, requires less development time and also less deployment time.

The drawback of a HTML5 mobile app is that they have very limited functionality, restricting it to web browser capabilities.

The other disadvantage of HTML5 mobile apps is their lengthy load times. Even in the case of screen transitions, they have an inferior performance. Apart from that, their ability to function offline or in low-bandwidth modes is below par.

Native Mobile App development

In a stark contrast to building HTML5 mobile apps, the development of Native mobile apps is done using the native language of the platform. For instance, using Objective-C on iOS and using Java on Android.

As Native apps are compiled into machine code, their performance is exceptionally good.

Importantly, with the Native apps we get pinch-spread, double taps and also compound User Interface gestures. Besides, Fast graphics API and Fluid animation are also on offer.

Native apps, apart from offering a great level of reliability, also provide better security environment. Native app development is done to offer better responsiveness, fluid experience. The app's loading speed will also be less and will also have access to the phone's address book and camera.

Native apps can also be developed in such a way that the apps can be accessed without the availability of internet connection. During the course of development and testing, it would  only take a little time to find and fix bugs, thanks to the native development tools that come in handy. 

Hybrid mobile app development

The hybrid apps are essentially built using HTML5 and JavaScript. The app is wrapped in a native container which gives access to native platform features.

These apps are created through tools like PhoneGap and Sencha, which are cross-platform development tools. 

The cost aspect in the development of hybrid apps is comparatively less. Single code can help perform on varied platforms. However, the downside is that contact to native APIs is limited.


What suits your needs has to play a critical role in choosing with HTML5 app development or Native app development or Hybrid app development. Consider all the factors, advantages and disadvantages, your target audience, your business needs, before to taking a call.

future beyond HTML-5- Let us hear it from W3C

W3C? The term might be familiar to many people who visit technological web pages frequently. The World Wide Web Consortium happens to be an international community spearheaded by Tim Berners Lee and Jeffery Jaffe. The intense urge to make web highly potential and standardized to everyone brings the community together.

W3C standard has got an international acclaim, and all the popular frameworks in the world follow it, without question. A mark up language like HTML 5 and the web development using it comes under the prime consideration of W3C. The greatest challenge HTML5 developers face is to create same user experience to people who view web pages on various screen resolutions; say from a small watch size screen to a massive television resolution. The article details what will be the future of HTML 5 according to the levels of modern standard specified by the W3C, and its prominent member organizations.

Are the mobile screen resolution the real determiners?

HTML 5 revolutionized the basic concept of watching videos in mobile. The user experience which HTML 5 provides for applications and websites that run on mobile phones has no parallels. It accelerates the growth of native applications. Web developers think of making full fledged applications to highlight their product and services with the features of HTML 5. Almost all the native applications are driven by a closed ecosystem controlled by private parities. Every application concentrates on a product, or it put forwards a service centered approach. The web these days act as a parallel searching entity to applications.

All established services run in mobiles through applications built with HTML 5, CSS, objective C and JavaScript so on. Native ecosystems and applications have projected plenty of information to the people, still the majority of information never gets highlighted by native applications having restricted ecosystems as well as limited interests.

W3C recommends web applications that support next generation innovations and are largely open to the public. The only way to make it practical in the present period of smart phone innovations is to make the web more aggressive on the mobile itself. 

HTML 5: future inclinations

The recent trends show that HTML 5, together with all famous web frameworks is shifting to a more open web platform as recommended by the W3C with a strong emphasis on security as well as user experience. Frameworks like PhoneGap, and Rhodes are instances to the point.

Creating applications that work on all operating systems with the same performance and the user experience without losing its open nature, is the prime objective of mark up languages like HTML 5. HTML 5 developers at present work for the development of better W3C standardized codes that are open, secure, mobile compatible, and much improved in terms of performance.

Tips to create Html5 Emails

Do your email marketing campaigns seem to be ineffective or left unnoticed by clients? Is the vitality of your email marketing entirely lost?

Then HTML5 happens to be the finest option. HTML5 is one step ahead of all its predecessors in merits. It assists users to create web pages or emails fully loaded with features. The addition of CSS makes this platform super simple and effective. One of the greatest benefits of HTML5 is its capability to include videos.

Integration of videos for the purpose of promotion makes the ordinary emails look much more attractive, and for achieving it users do not have to depend on an expert HTML developer or an HTML5 development company. The activity is simple. Basic knowledge of HTML is enough to trigger the task. Those who use HTML5 in a brilliant way for email promotion will definitely have the upper hand over the ordinary. This extract pops up certain points to improve your HTML 5 emails for better promotion.

HTML5 emails; a way to loom out of the crowd

1. Design authentic HTML 5 templates that show your brand identity, and features without much adornments. The theme you promote should be presented in simple as well as understandable pattern.

2. What users experience out of your email promotion should be of prime importance. Present the theme with clarity by avoiding things that distract the customers’s attention from your emails.

3. It is a fact that HTML5 offers excellent options to add audio, video and many other features to the emails. Still do not load mails with videos that carry a huge amount of data. The emails that take too much time to open are not recommended for any kind of promotion. The customer may be opening the mails at places with low bandwidth, hence go for HTML5 emails with less data, and fast loading.

4. Do not load your HTML5 emails with usual animations or that power point documentation like stuffs we use for presentations.

5. Go Mobile- make your HTML 5 emails highly compatible in any screen resolutions used by the clients.

6. Display your contact information in the mails much wisely. It must be presented in a way which never affects the flow of the design.

7. Design, graphics, font, background colours, and even navigation points in your HTML5 mails should be optimised to favour the clients to the core.

8. Call for action statements and buttons should be rightly placed in the mails.

9. A small mantra to be followed throughout the email promotion- integrity of the brand, and be loyal to it.

Bottom Line  

You might have witnessed a tempting pastry shop at the city corner where you can avail mouthwatering cakes and pastries. If you are assigned to do an email promotion campaign for that kind of store, no platforms other than HTML 5 may come so handy. Expert designers can handover the live impression of that kind of stores to the viewers with aid of fantastic HTML 5 emails. Be on the trend with magnified HTML 5 emails and grab attention of more customers in style. 

Why is HTML% becoming popular?

Recent scenario of hybrid mobile app development shows advanced technology in mobile devices that are rapidly increasing these days. App developers have initiated to create mobile apps with sophisticated technologies that ensure amazing visual features and high-functionality.

HTML5 plays a vital role among mobile app development technologies used by html5 developers across the globe. It is a new version language and considered as energetic challenger with latest characteristics and elements. It addresses web application needs with advanced technology and powerful elements.

The latest version language leverages its power in creating a unique and highly attractive website. As the demand increases, numerous developers are empowering their knowledge on HTML5 to create an excellent website for various business needs. This article enlightens you about the growing popularity of hybrid mobile app development

Let us see how it takes you on achievement of HTML5.

HTML5 provides world-class technology to hybrid mobile app development. It provides advanced technologies to develop robust hybrid app that satisfies various requirements of different application mobile market apps such as Play store and Google App. It is one of the best challengers and uses multi-talent skills to perform hybrid apps with high-end functionality. A recent survey states that, it is trusted by 80% app developers and entrepreneurs for building mobile apps with advanced performance.

Updating HTML5 dynamic apps remotely using cutting-edge functions

It plays a significant role in managing the app easily for users and a unique thing is the mobile app developed using the technology can be updated virtually via advance functions. Systematic updating is one of the best aspects integrated with HTML-based hybrid apps and ensures good support for various versions of the respective app.

Far-fetched triumph within inexpensive availability of HTML5

It plays a key role in mobile app development projects and delivers mobile apps within world-class quality at worthy prices. Integration of systematic updating in new web browsers is one of unique benefit about it. It provides advanced features and storage options with a great user experience. By using the app developers can perform best app development projects in a HTML5 development company.

System fonts can be conveniently used by users along with access of HTML5

As an app developer, you must able to predict the targeted users thought how they access your app. With help of the system fonts it possible to execute font stacks for developing apps. The functionality of appropriate system fonts can ensure outstanding performance for your app’s success, if you have planned to create an amazing mobile. It will be very helpful in creating apps for advanced mobile platforms.

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Beyond any comparison, the fifth as well as the latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language is absolutely fantastic in many terms. It has been addressed as a timely innovation which website builders eye to frame websites. All the advanced technologies essentially, Java, CSS, flash programs, and other APIs are brilliantly supplemented for manifesting website contents in the framework of HTML5, superior to XHTML. There are some sound, practical, and clear-cut reasons that add to the popularity of HTML5 in today’s website building scenario. An HTML5 developer gets more options to frame websites compared to programmers working with similar platforms. This extract explains how HTML5 becomes a valuable companion for website builders.

Smartphone compatibility

No doubt the world nowadays is after handheld and compatible screen resolutions. Mobile devices have taken over the communication needs of the world in all means; hence responsive designs stand inevitable to a designer. HTML5 is a ready-made tool to create sites and web applications for any kind of screen sizes. Meta tags of HTML5 are exclusively crafted for optimizing smaller screen displays. This framework offers immense choices to design widths, full screen modes, and home buttons so easily in all popular operating systems.

Elegant and neat codes

Objective codes that are more meaningful, simple and easy to split and describe are the lifeline of any modern framework. HTML5 is supreme in this aspect. No designer can call for a better code than HTML 5. Its <header>, <footer>, <article> so on are built-in to help the designers to arrange their CSS in an effective way. The web contents look simple, clean, graceful, and illustrative with HTML5.

Doctype attributes

Editing and pasting of long winding codes happen to be a nightmare for most designers. Doctype attributes readily available with HTML5 set it as an easy task for designers. The beauty of these doctype attributes is that it goes with most of the web browsers.

Interactive/ dynamic

A lively website should be dynamic. It must respond to the activities of users correctly. Users receive a much improved experience with APIs and animations while working with HTML5. Media playbacks along with animations work well in HTML5, for it has advanced CSS functionalities to the core.

Multiple browser support

The codes are modern, so some of the older versions of IE6 fail to support it. Still all the browsers including Firefox, Opera, and chrome so on are perfect for HTML5. Expert developers can even use the codes in IE6 as well, by making some small changes in the java codes.

Storage space& Location support

The local storage feature is one of the best features of this platform. The data used by the user will remain in storage spaces, even if the user deletes all cookies. Creating of apps can be made simple with HTML5 by using this function. Recent additions like GPS locations enable HTML5 to provide valid information to the user based on the user’s geo-location itself.

Great support for audio & video

Inclusion of audio or video in web contents is a real task for designers. They will have to include a large set of codes to accomplish the task. HTML5 has reduced this task to mere 50%. It enables all media files both audio and video, play well having less weighted codes attached to it. The result is fast downloading of files, and super speed browsing.

Handy semantics

Screen readers can easily analyze the classes defined with HTML5. Thus navigating with HTML documents happens to be pretty simple for screen readers resulting in a great user experience.


Rightly, HTML5 is a technology meant for the future. Let it be the creation of animated videos, mobile applications, games, and other features for a website, HTML5 stands as an inescapable technology. Get it and stay up- to- date.

Most of the web designers are looking out for dynamic frameworks with key features to enable their designing and development work simple.

HTML5 frameworks come forward with excellent performance across all web browsers and mobile applications.  It reduces the CSS work burden of HTML5 developer and improves site visibility. The major reason is that it offers exclusive features like specific structure tags, animations, browser support and so on.

Recently, a large number of HTML frameworks are available in the market and it flusters HTML5 developers mind to choose which one is best.  In order to avoid such issues, this article is going to list out only Top HTML5 Frameworks of 2015. Let us discuss it in a brief manner.
Now it is time to get started, if you are a web designer and planning to work on HTML5.

Ionic  is an amazing framework and powerful open source front-end system for creating stunning mobile apps with advanced web technologies like CSS, HTML and JS.  It has been formulated to operate rapidly on all mobile devices and ensures simple functionality with tons of mobile components.

You can create, test and deploy your ionic apps based on any platform by using a single command.  Moreover, this framework offers set of Angular directives (custom  HTML elements) for it’s own components, thus enabling it as easy to write an HTML code line. Similar to directives, it uses view animation logic, asynchronous communication, Angular’s touch recognizers and HTML sanitation.

It is a simple HTML starting framework that assists you create HTML5 starting boilerplate easily and rapidly by choosing the parts as you like. You can develop your own customizable front-end boilerplates according to your project requirements by using this Siimpler. Web designers can launch a web project by using the files and folders of this framework in a seamless way. 

Foundation is a most leading sophisticated responsive front-end framework in the globe and compatibile with all web browsers and devices. It has mobile-friendly user interface and acquires ton of components to assist you create a responsive site perfectly and rapidly. It comes forward with key features such as HTML, CSS UI components, templates, code snippets and responsive grid containing buttons, forms, typography, navigation and so on.

LimeJS is a best platform and powerful framework for developing games with user-experience for all latest desktop browser and touch-screens. It ensures better functionality, rapid development process for online games and suitable with all browsers and touch-screens.


Enyo is an open source JavaScript framework that allows you create world-class quality HTML5 apps across various electronic devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop, TV and web applications. It acquires the powered apps for most popular phone companies.

Final word:
This article speaks about unique functionality, operations, needs and performance of Top HTML5 frameworks availability in a HTML development company.

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