In the recent past, Node.js has emerged as a popular runtime environment, with its applications written in Javascript. When it comes to hiring talented node.js developer, it poses a challenge to companies, given the fact that it is a new technology and it is hard to get a candidate with exceptional skills. However, paying attention some of the technical concepts, which the candidate needs to possess, and hiring talent on that basis will make the task easier.

Must skills for Node.js developer

Make sure that the developer possesses a spectrum of knowledge. It is important that the developer has the ability to involve in operations. In the event of server crash, the developer has to easily handle. The domain should be used.

It is a challenge to scale node.js applications across servers. This is one area where exceptional knowledge is required. How to use load balancer is a necessary skill. Also, being an open source, security risks are present. To tackle, familiarity with server-side injection is important for developers. Knowledge of how to code-smith is certainly a need.

Experience and awareness of library is something you have to check for, because, websockets help create real-time applications like chat and even games.

The developer has to be in a position to write smaller and reusable codes. Expertise in modules like Async, Express and connect proves to be an added advantage. Connecting to active Node.js community, peer-coding utilizing GitHub is a must for a candidate. Checking on the candidates' contributions in GitHub will go a long way in hiring the right candidate.

The level of understanding of event-driven programming is imperative. Application flow control in event-driven programming is helpful.

The Node.js developer should have the ability of Test Driven Development. The process of writing the code becomes simpler. A better understanding of kinds of tests, the talent to structure the code, is all important.

Ensure that the candidate has a sound knowledge of database (NoSQL, MongoDB), scalable backend architecture concepts and the ability to properly and easily put the features to use.


Apart from the skills, which are non-negotiable, it is also important to find a Node.js developer who is passionate and is always willing to explore and learn new things. Above all, the candidate has to have a team spirit and be a team player.