Are Single Page websites the best for business promotions online?

There are no further arguments against the fact that the prime aim of  website designing or development is online business promotion. Major facets like the look, feel, speed and the technologies used in the development of websites must contribute to its popularity among the users. Therefore many a prominent web development company maintains web creation strategies that center round online promotion in the main. Single page website designing and multi-page website designing are the two popular web building methods. There is a common belief which survives among the entrepreneurs that by making a single page website, they can lead more users to their business and gain high popularity other than putting their money on the development of a multi-page website. Can single page websites achieve the same on all circumstances? This extract extends the point to provide entrepreneurs with a clear-cut solution. 

Where does a single-page website excel?  

Single-page websites are mobile phone friendly. It is very easy to scroll down and appears user-friendly to everyone who opens it on smart phones or on other devices. The true essence of the website will be presented in a single page and users do not have to click hundred of links to grasp the theme of a website. In a few minutes, ideas can be conveyed to the users, and most often the conversion rates are high for a single-page website. 

It supports other aspects like app promotions and easy optimization. Single-page websites load rapidly than the multi-page websites. It comes with less amount of contents and codes, hence doing optimization becomes an easy task for SEO analysts. The primary keywords can be relevantly highlighted using single-page websites. 

Where a single page website falls flat? 

Single-page websites best suit an entrepreneur who offers a lesser number of services. It does not contribute to the needs of individuals who run corporate business having more than hundreds of products and services. Including the details of a good number of products as well as services in a single page website will increase the page load and may affect the navigation as well as the performance. 

If you load a single page website with a lot of services and products asserting of SEO specifications may turn to a massive task. It may also lead some of the  primary as well as secondary keywords fall short of sufficient amount of contents on the web page. Thus, SEO analysts may not get the same result for the entire keywords they promote. 


In short, single page websites are ideal options for promoting less number of products or services. Entrepreneurs who offer a bulk amount of services should not go for single page websites to promote the entire services they offer. Single-page website development ideally suits the online promotion of a limited number of products or services.