Looking for some insights to develop your very own exclusive web service ? Made your mind to create your web service with Slim Framework? We have got the best answers and solutions for you, through this article.
What’s a web service is all about ?
A web service is nothing but which gives a solid assurance and protection to your database. It helps a great deal in establishing a trusted and safe procedure if your database is to be shared with other applications. One has to come across a lot of problems in the absence of the web services. Particularly, when you are about to share your database. This means that you are granting full access to your database with a potential threat of facing severe consequences
This is where a web service comes into play nicely. You can create a web service which will create a real-time scenario in sharing only the demanded data, not the entire database. Ultimately, this makes a huge difference.
Slim Framework:
Slim framework is a dynamic PHP framework which enables you to evolve web service. It is very distinguished from other set of conventional methodologies as it proves to be highly time efficient. You can write your web applications effectively in an uncomplicated manner. It’s highly responsive as well.
JSON mediates the transfer of data between applications. In simple words, it is a lightweight format used for interchanging data effectively. As the name suggests, it is a subset of Javascript Programming Language
Develop your Web Service using Slim
1. First step is the definition of route. Let’s get started with an example, when we visit your domain/bikes immediately it will call the method ‘getBikes’
2. $app->get('/bikes','getBikes');
Then we should define our ‘getBikes’ method which will return all the bikes contained in the Database .To do so , we generate our Sql query
$sql = "SELECT manufacturer,color FROM bike ORDER BY id";
Then , execute the query
$db = getDB();
$stmt = $db->query($sql);
$Bikess = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
and finally return the data as JSON with this line of code
echo '{"Bikes": ' . json_encode($bikes) . '}';
The ‘getBikes’ method will be :
function getBikes() {
$sql = "SELECT manufacturer,color FROM bike ORDER BY id";
try {
$db = getDB();
$stmt = $db->query($sql);
$bikes = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_OBJ);
$db = null;
echo '{"Bikes": ' . json_encode($bikes) . '}';
} catch(PDOException $e) {
echo "Error !";
Let’s test it ! go to the browser and visit yourdomain/bikes , it will show you this
For projects which demands a real-time connection with your databases, Slim Framework can be used. Simply, because of it’s high degree of reliability. With several other expected improvisations it's expected to move only one way and that is forward.