There cannot be a better idea than building a marketplace to fetch/deliver on-demand local services. Owing to a service industry which is dispersed and disarrayed, this is perhaps a great way to gather and channelize the services to local people. 

That’s why Agriya launched this new On-demand services booking solution which can be transformed into a giant enterprise bridging the gap between an ever-increasing demand and supply of services. It aims at meeting customer’s needs and providing seamless consumer satisfaction. 

Here we offer you a quick glance into some of its features:

An interactive User Interface

This simplified interface helps users to understand and implement their tasks with ease. There is nothing that users will thank you for better than a platform that offers smooth and hassle-free navigation through your website. Browsing through the services, associated costs and comparisons among different services is semantic and helps the user to interact without any inconvenience.

Multilingual Platform

What accelerates user’s work is his ability to communicate in his chosen/preferred language. The users can spot out different navigation points & search tabs faster by interacting in a language they are comfortable with. Agriya’s On-Demand Service Marketplace solution is one more of its multifarious web-solutions providing multilingual preferences to users, one of the most essential criteria you might look for in your web application.

A convenient review & feedback system   

Reviews and feedback keep the show running. It is desirable to have an interactive and meaningful review and feedback mechanism because it helps to cater to the needs of customers by letting them place their inconveniences and report problems which can be addressed instantly.

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Simple,Secure & updated Payment channel

This is very important as secure and safe transactions form the crux of every business enterprise. A payment channel must ensure authenticity and reliability. Paypal is being implemented for all monetary exchange owing to its popularity among users across the world.

An all-inclusive Admin Panel

The admin panel includes features to make it easy for the administrator to control the different processes, transactions & various control panels. He enjoys full privacy as well as customization facilities. He can administer all the activities, ins and outs, monetary transactions, profits, complaints & feedback as well as response emails to users.

A flexible option to add and update areas and area-specific services

The solution bears an added facility for you to add areas you want to serve as well as update with new locations which you would like to cover. Each location can be updated with added details about services available in the concerned area as well as relevant costs and other similar details.

Last Word

You can always make it a bigger and better enterprise with a little endeavour. While a business takes time to harvest, a prudent plan and simplified approach to your problem can reduce your time and enterprise manifold. So don’t wait to start your own service marketplace with Agriya’s On-Demand services booking solution.