A lot of new enterprises have become historical successes in the past and “Social Networking” has recently made up to the list. The reason we can talk of Social Networking as a fruitful enterprise is the surging trend in the demand for online social interaction. You should never miss a chance to project your image on a public platform and Online Social Networking just gives you that. 

Social Media today has expanded to every nook and corner of the world.It provides a free and liberal platform to establish yourself publicly as an individual, company or industry.Anyone can sign up through a valid email id and design his profile based on his personal relevant information. Agriya’s Online Social Networking Solution is a valuable aid to evolve an online social network on your own and lend a social platform to connect people. People can socialize, export enhanced & personalized images or videos on a common platform, add views and comments, provide descriptions and location details, promote and advertise.

So here we list out the exclusive features of this solution which shall brighten your scope for building a distinguished website.

1. Fine-Tuning User’s Privacy
User’s privacy is a concern when you are owning a social networking website.Some of the users will like their posts and feeds to be constrained to specific acquaintances. Quite contrarily, others may like their posts to reach a larger audience and so on. To cater to the independent choices of users, the solution is ingrained with optimum user privacy options.

2. Smooth-sailing Navigation  
The web-solution provides the user a semantic User Interface by virtue of which the user can smoothly navigate across the website without any ambiguity. This is important owing to the fact that a good interface gives your website a sophisticated lookout.

3. Personalizing Feeds.
Before a user shares his post, the first thing that he may look out for is customization. This will add a personal touch and setting to his posts. With a view to making it possible, the solution provides a myriad of personalizing options to the user. He can add descriptions, hash-tags, location-updates, filters and photos/Videos enhancement tools for an impressive update.

4. Photos/Videos Enhancement
The solution is designed so that the user can share impressive photos & videos for an attractive and catchy post. Be it an individual or a company, anyone may develop impressive posts. For that the solution is embedded with superb editing & enhancing tools that will give the desired look and feel to the pictures & videos.

The ready-made script of social networking solution is available for download. Here you can Download Social Networking Solution.

Summing Up
It is pertinent to give a good start to your enterprise and the best way to begin with it is to evolve a worthy and robust website. Once done, you can get along with it and turn it into a huge success. A solution is designed with the intention to speed up the process of website designing with a greater focus on customization and time-saving. Agriya’s unique solution stands out in terms of flexibility, precision, scalability and builds up the framework for an impressive website-generation.