The freelancing economy is currently booming and constant enhancement is of paramount importance when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. Agriya who have been specialists in clone scripts have taken up the task of refining this script to the modern times. In keeping up with this occasion. Agriya is launching the new versions of Getlancer freelance scripts - Getlancer bidding, Getlancer Jobs and Getlancer Portfolio. Let’s have a brief analysis at one of our most advanced versions of the Getlancer product range. 

Cohesive and a Complete Upgrade

The latest list of Getlancer Product range has witnessed a lot of technical improvements. Similar to getlancer quote which was released earlier, the new Getlancer product range has also seen some changes in the frameworks. The front-end and the back-end have been fortified with Angular JS and a slim framework. To support simultaneous web operations REST (Representational State Transfer) has been integrated. This will also help in changing to the desired frameworks at any point.

Purpose of this change

One of the main reasons for this up-gradation is to increase the overall functionality which is essential for the smooth work-flow process. At the same user experience was cumbersome in the previous versions and this has been significantly improved. Overall, the functionality of the script has been increased with some innovative plug-ins. The script is flexible and has been designed to run in any language with the added advantage of translation which can be done manually or automatically. 

The revenue model has been re-designed to assist the employers and freelancers have financial flexibility and optimize their revenues.The communication channel has been made effective and employers and Freelancers can communicate easily without any hassles.Dual dashboards allow easy switching of profiles from employer to Freelancer without much lag and loading time. Apart from that the admin dashboard has been greatly enhanced and facilitates clear representation of the site with detailed graphical insights.

The user interface has undergone a complete revamp and all the project details can be accessed from the same page. A marked improvement has been initiated in the Freelancer’s credential details and the content clarity has witnessed a marked improvement. 

Here's the demo,

Final Words

Agriya has revitalized the script by tweaking certain aspects which have further fortified the script’s functionality. The primary objective was to increase the overall user experience and this specific upgrade is a marked improvement compared to the previous version. The new range of getlancer product list is bound to help you in sustaining in the current freelance market and have a significant advantage over your competitors.