The present-day market scenario has become extremely divergent, thanks to a diverse list of trading websites available online which promote smooth business. These online marketplaces have changed the present landscape of the economy. 

Due to its rapid growth and quick market potential, these platforms provide quick opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-up specialists to quick start their own ventures. Having this thought in mind, we at Agriya have finally launched our very own, innovative online classified ads solution.

A compact, highly compatible solution

A great deal of time and effort was spent on doing background research on the nature of this industry. With our concrete efforts, we created the most flexible, highly cohesive Online Classified solution. Usually entrepreneurs have a conceptualized thought or an idea, however, most of the times, they lack any constructive plans. Nevertheless, Agriya’s single-minded approach was well rewarded with a full-fledged solution which can answer these entrepreneur’s challenges. 

Buy, sell and promote your products in the most innovative way

List out your products in the most efficient way by employing our state-of-the-art promotional tools which will greatly assist you in building up the profile of your product and also for its effective listing. These promotional tools will assist the user in uploading the necessary pictures and cropping it to fit into the right frame. Videos can also be uploaded with much ease. Picture scrolling is smooth, making sure the buyers get enough clarity about the quality of your product. As for the seller, it justifies his product’s credibility. 

Distinct design to support a multi-dimensional framework

A modest, user-centric approach was followed while incorporating the elements associated with online trading. The interface is dazzling with colorful tabs which highlight key features. The product list display is well segregated to include different categories such as automobiles, gifts, and toys etc. The integrated dashboard is distinguishable for both the user and the admin. The admin’s dashboard is business focused with variously integrated plug-ins designed specifically for marketing aspects. 

Market-centric approach for maximum promotion

Since this solution was developed after market research, it’s well balanced and functions smoothly without any hurdles. Business operations are streamlined because it’s supported by a high functioning framework. In order to assist potential business owners and sellers, machine-generated analytics have been instilled to the solution. These provide valuable insights on the performance of your business and helps in tracking of revenue generated through ads. Real-time notifications are enabled to provide instant updates for users. 

Flexible Payment gateways to ensure secure transactions

A highly secure payment gateway ensures that any transaction conducted by the user or the buyer is 100% safe and secure. In our effort to customize payment process, we have implemented wallet mode of payment as well. Users can take advantage of our highly secure and flexible payment gateways to indulge in flawless transactions

Final words

Agriya is considered by many as pioneers for developing world-class business solutions for upcoming Corporates. We strive to produce the best products and solutions for start-ups and entrepreneur. Our latest offerings a high functioning, innovative marketplace solution. Utilize this unique solution to create your own Online Classified business.